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The Official History of Smith & Wesson Firearms

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 In this new, first
run, Collectors Edition video release, Gene Kelly extensively interviews famed
S & W Historian, Roy Jinks, to bring you the ultimate insiders guide to the history of S & W.

That Mr. Jinks knows more about the history of Smith and
Wesson than anyone alive on earth today, it is indisputable! Besides just having the names, dates, names,
models and production information at the tip of his tongue, he is a treasure
trove of really interesting facts and stories about both the founders of this
American Firearms icon and their key employees. How particular guns got made,
why particular guns got made, and whose ideas they were, all of this company
folklore just rolls off of the top of his head.

He also has the most extensive collection of rare S & W
pistols, photos, and documents in the world, it is totally amazing, and he shows
and shares it all with you on this comprehensive 3-hour video. After watching
this, you, will be an expert on the history of S & W as well!

Roy also takes us on a private guide tour of the S & W
Factory Museum. You will also see Daniel Wessons original office! Yep, it is
still just as he left it! You will not want to miss this special presentation.

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