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Robert “Bob” Dunlap

Master Gunsmith | Senior Gunsmithing Instructor Emeritus

Bob Dunlap, Master Gunsmith and Senior Instructor Emeritus, spent over thirty years teaching Gunsmithing at Lassen College Gunsmithing School while concurrently operating a full service Gunsmithing Shop with up to 6 full time Gunsmiths working for him. His Gunsmithing business was a warranty station for many of the largest firearms manufacturers including; Colt, Browning, Remington and more than a dozen others. Bob is credited with creating the Design, Function and Repair system of Gunsmithing training.

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Ken Brooks

Master Gunsmith | Senior Gunsmithing Instructor

Ken Brooks is a Master Gunsmith, a graduate of Lassen College Gunsmithing School were he was mentored by Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap, an then later worked with him as a fellow instructor. Ken also worked in Bob’s Gunsmithing Shop for over 20 years where he eventually took over the business known as Pacific International Service Company. Ken has instructed numerous courses including Armorer’s Courses, and other Gunsmithing courses such as AGI’s Advanced Course on Extractors and Ejectors.

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Gene Kelly

Founder & President | Gunsmithing Instructor

Gene Kelly, Founder and President of the American Gunsmithing Institute, studied under and worked directly for Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap and is a graduate of Lassen College Gunsmithing School. Gene has been Gunsmithing for over forty years, is a recognized and often quoted expert on firearms and is a licensed Class 2 Manufacturer. In addition, Mr. Kelly is an international consultant on security related issues and coaches Gunsmiths and FFL dealers on how to maximize their income.

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Darrel Holland

Master Gunsmith | Gunsmithing and Machining Instructor

Darrell Holland is a Master Gunsmith and renowned rifle builder for long range shooting and hunting. In addition to teaching the complete Machine Shop course, Darrell has taught many of AGI’s rifle building and accuracy enhancement courses. Darrell has traveled the world as a hunter and shooting instructor and has created a shooting school in Montana specifically designed for training individuals on how to make the perfect shot when hunting for that once in a lifetime trophy.  Darrell has also designed dozens of products for hunting and Gunsmithing and holds numerous patents.

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Mark Foster

Master Gunsmith | Gunsmithing Instructor

Mark Foster, is a Master Gunsmith and Law Enforcement Armorer with over 30 years of service in the law enforcement community where he was a Deputy Sheriff, and Senior Armorer, as well as holding many other positions within his agency before finally transferring and retiring as Chief Investigator for the District Attorney’s office. He also studied under and worked for Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap and is a contemporary of Gene Kelly and Darrell Holland as they were roommates at Lassen College Gunsmithing School and are lifelong friends and collaborators. Mr. Foster has instructed several AGI Armorer Courses, the AR-15 Riflesmith course, and has produced a number of segments on the use and construction of Gunsmithing tools for the Gunsmithing Club of America (GCA).

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Gene Shuey

Master Gunsmith | Gunsmithing Instructor

Gene Shuey is a Master Gunsmith who not only studied under storied Masters including Armon Swensen, but was an original member of the “Thunder Slap” and “Practical Shooting Federation” the predecessor to IPSC. Jeff Cooper was a lifelong friend and associate of Mr. Shuey. Mr. Shuey builds beautiful custom 1911 pistols and Glocks that are truly “Functional Art.” He is also a Master of old school finishes and firearm restoration. He instructs the AGI Certified 1911 Pistolsmith and AGI Certified Glocksmith Courses as well as multiple other courses. In his younger days Gene Shuey won the Mr. America body building contest and served as a U.S. Marine.

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John Bush

Master Armorer | Gunsmithing Instructor

John Bush is a Master Armorer and renowned expert on U.S. and Foreign Military firearms. His vast knowledge is an incredible resource and he has taught AGI courses on Building AKS rifles from a parts kits, rebuilding the M1 Garand, along with Armorer Courses and a Gunsmithing Club of America favorite video segment “In the War Room”.  He is one of the few people we know of who can have a box of miscellaneous firearm parts dumped in front of him and he can identify what the part is, what firearm it is from, and what country or factory made them!

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Fred Zeglin

Master Gunsmith | Reloading Instructor

Fred Zeglin, Master Gunsmith and cartridge developer, graduated from Lassen College Gunsmithing School and worked in a number of custom rifle building companies. He founded 4D Reamer Rentals, which supplies Gunsmiths with precision tools that they can rent rather than purchase. Fred taught Gunsmithing and has written a number of books on the subject of Gunsmithing. He also authored an approved biography of P.O. Ackley, a Gunsmith of iconic fame. Mr. Zeglin has taught AGI courses on reloading and cartridge design & development.

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Robert Rizzetto

Master Welder | Welding Instructor

Robert Rizzetto is truly a Master at the Art of Welding and even in his 80’s is Mr. Rizzetto instructs AGI’s welding course including; Gas, Arc, MIG and TIG welding, with Gas and Plasma cutting, all position welding, shop set-up and more gleaned from his more than five decades of welding experience and instruction.

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William “Bill” Woolman

Master Locksmith | Locksmithing Instructor

Mr. Woolman is an expert in all aspects of the locksmithing trade. He is considered a subject matter expert and “go-to” individual with regards to learning about rare and collectible locks and safes. He has worked in the Locksmithing trade and has owned his own locksmithing company for more than 30 years.

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Jack Landis

Gunsmith | Instructor & Technical Advisor Emeritus

Jack Landis, Gunsmith and Firearms Technical Advisor Emeritus, worked for almost two decades with AGI developing the GCA connection and GunTech video magazine. A multi-tour Vietnam Veteran, he was a lifelong shooter and Gunsmith. He instructed AGI’s customizing course on the classic Ruger® 10/22® as well as Gunsmithing firearms for Cowboy Action Shooting.