Professional Gunsmithing Metal Finishing and Hot Caustic Bluing


Instructed by Professional Gunsmith and AGI Director Gene Shuey.
4 Hours

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Four hours of exclusive instruction on this subject.

explains and demonstrates in comprehensive detail everything that you need to
know to professionally refinish firearms. Whether you want to add bluing to
your services offered, want to refinish your own guns, or just want to possess
this knowledge, in this course you will learn everything you need to know to
achieve consistent success.

In typical AGI step-by-step detailed fashion we explain, demonstrate and show you
everything you need to know. I can tell you, as a Professional Gunsmith who has
blued hundreds of guns that I have never seen before a presentation on this
subject that was as clear, comprehensive, and concise as this course is.

Covers detailed metal preparation; tank set up, mixing processes. Dozens of
tips and techniques are revealed, many for the very first time.

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