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After investing just theses few hours, you will have studied the course material, listened to over a dozen experts, watched step-by-step videos samples, reviewed the manuals and forms, taken your test, gotten Certified and be ready to start offering your services as a Certified Firearms Appraiser.

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How To Have People Bring You Piles of Guns and PAY YOU for Your Expert Opinion!

Exclusive new course shows you how to quickly and easily
become a Certified Firearms Appraiser.

If you are a “Gun Guy”, what could be cooler than that?!

Dear Fellow Gun Guy: I am Gene Kelly president of AGI and I wanted to let you in on a little secret. It is an absolute fact that hundreds of millions of dollars in guns will be sold, traded, or inherited every year for at least the next twenty plus years as the “Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers” retire or pass on. Many of these guns must be formally appraised, for estate, resale and tax purposes.

So this provides you with a little known opportunity to get your hands on hundreds or even thousands of firearms and get a piece of the action, making a profit by providing a desperately needed service!

You can get paid for providing your “expert opinion of value” when you become a Certified Firearm Appraiser ™ (CFA). Because…

  • The IRS requires that guns that are a significant part of an Estate be appraised for tax purposes. The same goes for collections of guns that are being donated to a museum, foundation, or non-profit as a tax deduction. (complete details are covered in the course).
  • In divorce cases the firearms owned will often have to be valued to spilt up the assets.
  • In the case of bankruptcies the guns are considered part of an individual’s networth, a certain amount of which if properly documented they get to keep. (this is all covered in the course)
  • Also individuals that need money for retirement or that need to raise cash, have to know what their guns are really worth so that they can get a fair price. In addition surviving spouses or children will often want to sell a deceased person’s firearms, but have no idea of their value. You will be able to help these individuals by providing your honest educated opinion, while getting paid for your services.

No matter what the reason is that they need it, you will be able to do professional firearm appraisals and get paid for you services. But you must have the proper training and certification to be able to provide an expert opinion and keep yourself legal. We can help you achieve that expertise FAST!

Or, you could spend a lifetime trying to learn the proper way to do this. You could try and read books or search the internet looking for what you hope is accurate information, but that still wouldn’t get you certified. But….

You don’t need to waste time and spend years hoping to get accurate information, because we did all the work for you! I personally have been involved with appraising firearms for years. I saw the huge need for accurate professional firearm appraisals and realized the opportunity that was readily available to our students and members.

So here is what I did…

I instructed the AGI staff to recruit the Nation’s foremost experts on collecting, appraising and auctioning firearms to create this course:

Working with our panel of experts, we have built this special course that will enable you to quickly become a Certified Firearm Appraiser ™, using the knowledge developed from well over 400 years of combined experience in collecting, appraising and selling firearms.

These are experts that you probably could never get to and talk with personally. Or even if you could, it would take you years to extract the information that they are sharing with you in this course. When you enroll in the Certified Firearms Appraiser ™ course, you will instantly benefit from all of their experience saving you years of trial, error and frustration.

Quite frankly, as I interviewed them, each of our experts revealed so very much about their businesses and the appraising and auctioning process that I was really kind of shocked. They held nothing back. With an average of 40 plus years experience in the industry, they are at a point in life where they want to share the knowledge that they have accumulated over a lifetime. The business lessons they shared during these interviews are ALONE worth the entire investment in this course.

In less than 20 hours, (most of which you can listen to while driving or working) you will have gone through the entire course. As a fellow gun guy I guarantee that it will absolutely fly by as you become fascinated listening to, watching and learning from these true experts. They have invested their entire lifetime learning this information, now in minutes it will become yours.

After investing just theses few hours, you will have studied the course material, listened to over a dozen experts, watched step-by-step videos samples, reviewed the manuals and forms, taken your test, gotten Certified and be ready to start offering your services as a Certified Firearms Appraiser.

We even show you step by step real world examples as we appraise a number of different types of firearms and go through the entire process, filling out the copyrighted appraisal forms that we developed exclusively for the firearms industry.

This complete course even covers how to market your services, so that estates, foundations and attorneys can find and hire you. We also teach you exactly what to say so that you can honestly cherry pick and purchase the guns that you want from the piles of goodies that will come to your way.

We will teach you how to do research on each firearm that you appraise, so that you can provide a reasonable and accurate estimation of value. To simplify the process, AGI created an Official Firearm Appraiser Form. We provide you with these exclusive and copyrighted appraisal forms that make it a breeze. These forms ensure that you do not leave out any critical details when you are making an appraisal and they will make you look like an expert from the very first job.

If you aren’t using this copyrighted form, then you probably aren’t doing a thoroughly professional appraisal. There is nothing else like it in the entire industry and only students who enroll and are certified through this course are authorized to use these forms.

You will receive a master copy so that you can make additional copies without having to pay any additional cost or royalty. The right to use these forms is once again worth the entire investment in the course. Or you may purchase additional forms directly from AGI in packages of 25 forms for a nominal fee. Call 1-800-797-0867 to order.

To help you learn this system quickly and get Certified, we have used our exclusive Accelerated Training Process to condensed this course down to the information that you really need to know without leaving out any important details. You can take as much time as you want studying this course in your spare time. But it is not difficult. Everything you need to know is covered in this course. In fact, once you start watching and listening to our experts explain the process, showing you examples, I absolutely know that you will find it to be so much fun, so very fascinating, that you will want to go through the entire course rapidly. You will also find that there is so much wisdom and value in the course that you will enjoy listening to it again and again.

Throughout the entire course, we will be sharing with you the very same processes that are used by the largest and most prestigious firearm auction houses to appraise firearms. This information has been gathered, organized, improved upon, simplified and condensed for speed of learning through this course.

Think about all the additional business that could come from owning this course and being a Certified Firearm Appraiser ™ (CFA). You will be able to advertise that you are a Certified Firearm Appraiser and people will come flocking to your Gunshop or seek you out for your expertise. Many of these people will want to pay you to sell their firearms for them. Others will just want to know what something is worth and then will purchase accessories for the guns from you such as scopes, magazines, cases, etc.

And, if you offer Gunsmithing Services many of these guns may need some restoration, customizing or tuning. You will also get the opportunity to purchase many of the guns people bring to you for your own collection or to resell. So offering Firearm Appraisal Services will magnetically attract people to your regular FFL business providing you with multiple streams of income. That alone will pay for your investment. It’s like free advertising.

This may be the opportunity that you have been looking for to expand your hobby or to bring in more cash.

How much can you make Appraising firearms?

Well that is really up to you, and will reflect the knowledge base and level of expertise that you develop. Some appraisers charge $100 per hour while other appraisers charge as little as $10 per gun when doing large batches of firearms. But remember this isn’t the only way you get paid… There are opportunities to sell the firearms you appraise and make a commission or profit. Plus all of the previously mentioned add-on sales. You may even get a call from time to time to be an expert witness in a court case or estate settlement and in those cases you will charge a substantial hourly rate. Some people even charge a one day minimum, often as much as $800 a day or more, plus expenses. They charge this even if they testify or give their opinion for just a few minutes.

In the course we cover how to testify in court confidently and fearlessly. I share my personal experiences with you and there is nothing to sweat because as a CFA you are the expert! There really isn’t any down side because everything is just based upon your honest expert opinion. But your opinion won’t be very valuable unless you have the right credentials. This course gives you those credentials.

Here’s how….Once you have taken and passed your written test (which is a breeze if you listen to and understand the clearly presented course material) you will be a CFA and receive a frameable certificate, along with an embroidered patch for your vest, shop apron or jacket. PLUS…

When you are a Certified Firearms Appraiser your buddies will envy the opportunities that will come your way and the fact that you are making money doing what you love is just icing on the cake! The more guns that you handle the more likely a real gem will be placed in your care. You may even be the one who discovers a significant piece of lost history!

You’ll have the confidence to be able to appraise firearms and a whole new world within the firearms industry will open up to you. The methods and systems taught in the course are also applicable to appraising other personal property and collectibles which can provide additional revenue streams.

American Gunsmithing Institute’s Guarantee
The course is backed with our Standard AGI “Bulletproof Guarantee”, review the course for up to a full year or until you take your test for certification, if it isn’t what we said it was, return it is for a full refund less the cost of shipping. What could be fairer than that?!

“Notice:  Oklahoma residents can purchase courses for their content, but cannot take tests and become “certified” due to excessive regulatory burdens from the Educational Department in Oklahoma.”

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