Super Tuning The Factory Rifle


Instructed by Master Gunsmith, Darrell Holland.

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Before you go out and spend hundreds, possibly thousands of
dollars on a new custom rifle, first squeeze all the potential performance out
of the rifles that you already own!

In this course, Darrell will show you how to cut your group
sizes in half or more by improving the rifles function using existing parts and
by employing the tricks of custom gun makers that you can do yourself. Save big
bucks by “saving” your existing barrel by recrowning, setting back
and re-throating the chamber. When to do cryo work and stress relief, heavy,
pinned, recoil lug, blueprinting the action and lapping the lugs, bedding for
100% contact and all the details of perfect stock fit.

Plus- trick aftermarket parts that really work, proper
barrel break-in techniques, fitting a special firing pin, trigger, bolt stop
and why.

Everything that you need to know to tune up your factory
rifle is covered in this course. Although most applicable to the Remington 700
and Winchester model 70 rifles which are covered in detail, many of the
techniques can be applied to numerous other models as well.


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