Certified AR-15 Riflesmith Course


Do you love ARs?!
You need to become an AR15/M4 Riflesmith!

Course includes: a detailed workbook with comprehensive notes, testing, an AR-15/M4 Riflesmithing Certificate, and Certified Riflesmith patch to wear on your shop apron or shooting jacket (upon completion of your online test)! As an additional bonus AGI will include a step-by-step video course on how-to machine 80% lower receiver castings into functioning AR-15 lower receivers! OVER 12 HOURS OF VIDEO INSTRUCTION!!!

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AGI Certified AR-15 Riflesmith Course

Be the “go-to” expert and build custom ARs that your buddies will drool over!

More than any time in our history, it is important to have a clear understanding of America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15! Possessing the knowledge to understand the design, function and repair of rifles from the AR-15 platform will be a very valuable skill set to have in the years to come.

AGI’s Certified AR-15 Riflesmith Course teaches you everything that you need to know to keep your AR-15 rifle running correctly! Utilizing AGI’s unique and proven teaching methods, you can study on your own time schedule at home or on the road to become a Certified AR-15 Riflesmith!

This course will take you from start to finish and you will know everything about these firearms and how to maintain and customize them. Having a rifle that works when you need it may be the difference between life and death.  If you don’t know the information covered in detail in this course, you can easily waste thousands of dollars on parts that don’t work and build rifles that just aren’t reliable.

First, Ken Brooks will take you through a complete disassembly and reassembly of the rifle down to the last part making you familiar with all the parts of the rifle.  Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap then helps you achieve complete understanding of the Design, Function and basic repair of the AR-15 platform. Understanding how the AR-15 and its clones function, including how the unique gas system works, is critical. Complete disassembly and reassembly, lubrication, maintenance, feeding, troubleshooting, solutions, and repairs are all explained and shown in eye opening detail, along with what critical spare parts are needed to keep on hand.

Bob then goes through the complete process of building up rifles assembled from parts kits from several different manufacturers. He shows you the problems and pitfalls to avoid. He covers parts identification, installing and fitting all the parts, headspacing the barrel, final assembly, test firing, and tuning. Bob teaches you step-by-step how to turn the existing trigger system into a target trigger.  He uses oversize mock-ups so you completely understand the critical positive-neutral-negative hammer sear relationships and are able to create a safe, light, and crisp trigger pull.

Your next instructor is Sgt. Mark Foster. He has over 30 years of Gunsmithing experience and is a 20 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department, where he is the Chief Armorer and a Training Officer. Mark shows and explains to you numerous examples of triggers, grips, optics, lights, rails, barrels, stocks, muzzle brakes, compensators, flash-hiders, sights, handguards, gas systems and more.

For each category he outlines what works well, tells you what to avoid and explains why. His daily field experience, combined with his armorer experience working on fellow officers’ weapons, gives him inside knowledge on the reliability and functionality of each of these options.  He has seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t and will help you avoid mistakes.

After reviewing the many available accessories thoroughly, Mark will show you how to build a variety of “mission-oriented” ARs and explains what components he chooses for each and why. He goes through the process of tailoring the AR for: CQB, general hunting, SWAT, 3-gun, varmint hunting, home defense, and plinking, just to name a few. In addition to showing and demonstrating the tools, he demonstrates step-by-step how to change a barrel and install a free-floating handguard.

Earn your AR-15/M4 Riflesmith Certificate and you will know how to tune existing guns for optimal performance and build up any type of AR rifle from scratch.  You will be able to design and build the ultimate ARs for yourself and for your customers.

Course includes: a detailed workbook with comprehensive notes, testing, an AR-15/M4 Riflesmithing Certificate, and Certified Riflesmith patch to wear on your shop apron or shooting jacket (upon completion of your online test)


“Notice:  Oklahoma residents can purchase courses for their content, but cannot take tests and become “certified” due to excessive regulatory burdens from the Educational Department in Oklahoma.”

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