Secrets of Precision Long Range Shooting


Instructed by Master Gunsmith, Darrell Holland.
1 hour 44 minutes

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 Long-range shooting
expert, Darrell Holland, takes you through a course of instruction guaranteed
to improve your long range shooting skills.

The initial discussion focuses on the rifle, ballistics,
cartridges, and bullets. Judging range and equipment calibration are covered,
along with a selection of optics and range finders. Shooting techniques are
covered from the point of both a hunter and a tactical shooter. Darrell shows
tips for bench and field shooting positions, and demonstrates them along with
expedient methods and accessories for optimum accuracy.

You will see some incredible shooting at ranges out to 600
yards and learn how to make those shots. On a rainy day recently, I used the
methods taught by Darrell in this course to score head shots three for three at
360 yards and three for three body shots on metal silhouettes at 600 yards. All
in light rain with changing wind conditions.

Exclusively for AGI customers we have developed and are
including a set of invaluable tables for calculating your long-range shots.

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