AGI’s Certified Cowboy Action Course!
Course includes: 7 Armorer’s Course DVDs, 3 Bonus DVDs, Certificate and Cowboy Action Armorer’s Patch (upon completion of your online test)!

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AGI Certified Cowboy Action Armorer’s Course 

Start gunsmithing in the fastest growing shooting sport in the USA!

Imagine not just being able to participate in Cowboy Action competitions, but to be able to repair and “super tune” your firearms as well as other shooter’s guns. The Certified Cowboy Action Armorer’s Course will give you the knowledge and confidence to do just that!

Utilizing AGI’s unique and proven teaching methods, you can study on your own time schedule at home or on the road to become a Certified Cowboy Action Armorer! There’s no reason you can’t be extra making money even while still taking the course. You could quickly become the “go to” gunsmith at the shooting events that you attend or compete in.

AGI constantly strives to be at the forefront in providing our students, customers and Gun Club of America Members with up-to-date educational material and information. We are proud to offer an Armorer’s Course specifically for Cowboy Action Firearms. Earn your Cowboy Action Armorer’s Patch today!

This course consists of seven different AGI Armorer’s Courses and covers the common cowboy action revolvers such as Colt and Ruger® single actions, lever action cowboy rifles such as the Winchester ’92, ’94, 1866, 1873, 1876, 1886, the Marlin ’94, ’95 and the 336, the classic Winchester 97 pump shotgun, and all of their clones and copies. This course also covers the 1860 Henry rifle! AGI Master Instructor Bob Dunlap teaches you to understand the design, function and repair of these Cowboy Action firearms! The course covers tuning the Single Action Revolver for speed shooting, and contains three bonus DVDs and your Cowboy Armorer’s Patch!

These additional lessons cover gated and non-gated conversions of Colt and Remington percussion revolvers to cartridge (with and without a mill), and an extensive smooth and tune of the Marlin ’94. Trigger jobs are covered as well and are applicable to all cowboy lever guns. AGI instructor Jack Landis takes the mystery out of working on these firearms and will give you the confidence to safely and greatly improve the function of your Cowboy Action firearms!

Also included is a great “How-to” Cowboy Action Shooting Course featuring Two Time World Champion Lefty Longridge. This SASS and Cowboy 3-Gun World Champion (AKA Sergeant Joe Alesia, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy, Tactical Instructor and Training Supervisor) takes you through a basic training course in this popular sport. Joe goes into serious detail about the history, clothes, equipment, and match action in cowboy action shooting. You will get a champion’s (and highly sought after trainer’s) tips on selecting guns and leather, as well as the actual shooting. Learn the proper stance, sighting, grip, trigger control, and target engagement and how to overcome the most common impediments to competitive scoring.

“Notice:  Oklahoma residents can purchase courses for their content, but cannot take tests and become “certified” due to excessive regulatory burdens from the Educational Department in Oklahoma.”

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