Building the AKS Rifle


Instructed by Master Armorer, John Bush.
3 hours

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Build a Semi-Auto AK from a parts kit!

As I write this, our studio is littered with AK receivers, flats, tooling, and parts kits. From internet research (most of the information was absolutely wrong), experimenting with various construction techniques, to creating tooling and documenting everything with drawings, we took the long way around in order to find the best and easiest method for building a Semi-Auto AK from a parts kit.

You will be lost without this video! It seemed as though the variations of how you could build an AK from a kit were endless. Several gunsmiths and engineers from AGI poured over this process and tried various methods for forming and assembling receivers before we realized that in order to eliminate confusion and lower risk of failure, we needed to come up with one standardized procedure that would work for experienced perfectionist as well as the first-time, novice builder.

Bonus! 29 Tool Blueprints:


  • Bending fixture for flats
  • Flat blueprints with holes and measurements
  • Barrel removal and installation tools
  • Riveting tools


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