Course includes: Step-by-step course on video, teaching you ‘how-to’ reload safe and superior ammunition, certificate and patch (upon completion of your online test)! Includes Bonus DVD; Darrel Hollands Handloading for the Long Range Shooter!


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This Reloading Video Now Banned on YouTube!!


AGI Certified Reloading Course

Learn ‘How-to’ make SAFE hand loaded ammunition specifically for YOUR Needs

Do you want to save money on ammunition and become an expert reloader at the same time? The Certified Reloading Course will give you the skills and the confidence to reload your spent brass in your spare time. With the information contained in this course, you will be able to load professional quality ammunition for yourself and others. Imagine being able to reload cartridges for professional competition shooters that fire thousands of rounds throughout the year.

This course is far more in depth than any other reloading course on the market. Renowned cartridge designer, gunsmith, and AGI instructor Fred Zeglin addresses reloading from its most basic fundamentals to advance techniques. This allows the new reloader to begin the process almost immediately with confidence and safety. Popular tools offered by numerous manufacturers of reloading gear are demonstrated and explained in detail. Accuracy is the name of the game for any shooter. Fred talks about what makes a safe, accurate reload and shares simple tricks that will save you hours of trial and error at the reloading bench and range. He also covers bullet casting techniques and advanced precision reloading for long range shooting.

Most people learn reloading strictly from a mechanical ‘monkey see, monkey do’ view point. In other words, nobody ever completely explains to them WHY operations are performed a certain way or WHAT value they have. In this course Fred shows you, from a gunsmith’s perspective, what is happening to the brass when fired and when it goes through the reloading process. This information will make you a well-informed reloader and, if you’re a gunsmith, will help aid in diagnosing problems with your clients’ reloads and guns.


  • History of reloading
  • Reloading safety
  • Choosing components
  • Introduction to reloading tools
  • What is really happening to the brass case
  • How to make a load plan for safe, accurate loads
  • Introduction to a wide range of reloading resources
  • Case trimming – advanced case preparation
  • Reloading of rifle cases – single stage press
  • Reloading of pistol cases on a single stage press
  • Introduction to progressive reloading
  • Powder scales
  • Case lubrication
  • Use of the Lee Loader
  • Portable reloading tools
  • Basic case preparation
  • Advanced reloading tools
  • Introduction to bullet casting
  • Alloying and casting lead ingots
  • Hardness testing cast bullets
  • Sizing and lubing cast bullets
  • Use of multi-stage presses
  • Priming tools and correct seating of primers
  • To crimp or not to crimp – dies and bullets
  • Manual and electronic powder meters
  • Additional resources and suppliers
  • Advanced reloading techniques by Darrell Holland
  • Step-by-step bullet casting – single/multi cavity molds

Fred puts the gunsmith’s understanding of the subject into the course. Any reloader whether novice, intermediate, or experienced will benefit from the clear explanations of the “How’s and Why’s” of reloading. The concepts of internal and external ballistics are dealt with in a way to aid the reloader in making smart choices; both in purchasing tools and in producing safe, quality ammunition with them. Reloading from A-Z is a 9 hour AGI certified course with testing and certification! Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and patch!


Handloading for the Long Range Shooter: Learn how to make hand loaded ammunition tailored specifically for long range shooting. Squeeze the maximum performance out of your handloads! Riflesmith and competitive shooter Darrell Holland offers step-by-step instruction in the manufacture of superior ammunition. Standard caliber and wildcat cartridges are discussed and reasons for using them explained. Components such as bullets, powder and primers are examined and selected, on the basis of the type of target and the distance where the performance will be best suited. A ton of information that will enhance your capabilities. ABSOLUTELY FREE!


“Notice:  Oklahoma residents can purchase courses for their content, but cannot take tests and become “certified” due to excessive regulatory burdens from the Educational Department in Oklahoma.”


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