Everyone wants to get more accuracy out of their rifle and a properly bedded action is one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

AGI has created the definitive how-to instructional course on step by step glass bedding. By following our methods and using the proven bedding compound and kit (included) you will greatly enhance the performance of your rifle!

Building the Ultimate Tactical or Varmint Rifle
In this course, Master Rifle Builder, Darrell Holland, will take you through the complete process of selecting the components for, and the step-by-step fitting and assembly of, a rifle capable of putting all the bullets through the same hole. Mr. Holland reveals for the very first time the secrets of his exclusive V block bedding system that provides this incredible accuracy. Covers all the considerations required for building either a varmint or tactical rifle. 2 hours.

Super Tuning The Factory Rifle

Before you go out and spend hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars on a new custom rifle, first squeeze all the potential performance out of the rifles that you already own!

In this course, Darrell will show you how to cut your group sizes in half or more by improving the rifles function using existing parts and
by employing the tricks of custom gun makers that you can do yourself. Save big bucks by “saving” your existing barrel by recrowning, setting back and re-throating the chamber. When to do cryo work and stress relief, heavy, pinned, recoil lug, blueprinting the action and lapping the lugs, bedding for 100% contact and all the details of perfect stock fit.

Pillar Bedding Rifles for Accuracy
Master rifle builder and renowned varmint hunter Darrell Holland explains and demonstrates the step-by-step process of making, converting and installing pillars to create a rock solid bedding platform which will increase the accuracy of your rifle. Every step is covered in precise detail.


Using a Remington 700 action, top custom rifle maker Darrell Holland takes you through the complete process of custom re-barreling and accurizing a bolt-action rifle.

After watching this two video course, you will understand how to choose the right type of barrel, true an action on a lathe, machine, and lap locking lugs, measure, turn, thread, chamber, and headspace. You will also learn how to crown the muzzle along with brake installation. This course will give you tremendous insight in what goes into a true custom bench or varmint rifle. Knowing this information will help you in getting the most for your
money when you have a gunsmith perform these services or in building your own rifle.

Weight1.7 lbs
Dimensions7.56 × 5.44 × 0.63 in


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