Extractors & Ejectors; an Advanced AGI Gunsmithing Course for Gunsmiths on DVD Includes a detailed workbook of notes and is over 9.5 hours in length!

Extractors and ejectors are a critical part in almost any firearm design. In this Advanced Course, Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks, will teach you in-depth the design, function, and repair of extractors and ejectors, as well as some special modifications to these parts.

Ken also extensively covers extractor and ejector “Rules,” as well as some of the exceptions to those rules. After ammunition and feeding devices (magazines), an estimated 80 to 90 percent of all feeding and ejection problems can be directly related to the extractor or ejector, thus making the proper fix of these parts a critical component of a firearm’s reliability.

Reliability in a firearm is “job number one” because people rely on firearms to save their lives and put meat in the freezer.

Keep in mind that this course will teach you about the systems of extraction and ejection and not just about any specific model of firearm. This will allow the gunsmith to develop the ability to troubleshoot and diagnose any type of firearm’s extraction and ejection design without ever having seen it before.

We have concentrated this lifetime’s worth of knowledge down into an instructional system that will save you years of frustration and failure. There are simply too many different gun designs that have been used throughout the years to study each one individually. Learning the major extraction and ejection “systems,” which are critical for proper operation, used in a variety of firearm types, is much more practical in the long run.

Overall break­down of the course:
Section #1 covers extractors basic theory, the rules, and how to fit them.
Section #2 covers extractors of various styles, exceptions to the extractor rules, and extractors and ejectors for revolvers,
Section #3 covers ejectors basics, ejectors of various styles, and how to fabricate ejectors, as well as the course wrap­ up.

This course utilizes extreme close­up views of parts and whiteboard drawings that allow the  instructor to quickly and concisely drive home a point or lesson. In addition to this material, we will also show you some actual modifications to extractors, which will show how a little bit of work and understanding goes a long way to correct some of the mysteries found in both extraction and ejection systems.

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