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Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Smooth And Tune


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Take your Cowboy lever gun from rough to rapid! If you want your rifle to decrease your times instead of increasing your frustration, this AGI “Smooth & Tune” course is for you. The American Gunsmithing Institute’s Technical Services Manager and GunTech Editor Jack Landis takes you deep inside a pair of ’94 Marlin rifles.

Beside showing you what needs to be smoothed and how to do it, he shows you several different spring sets and their effects on the guns. You also get not just a demonstration of how to do a safe and proper trigger job, you are shown a method that is applicable to all exposed hammer rifles, shotguns, and single action revolvers, and that guarantees you perfectly squared surfaces without expensive fixtures and jigs.

Filmed in AGI’s well known simple, clear, step-by-step style, everything you need to see and do is shot in close-up digital video with no steps left out. All you need is the desire and a few simple tools that will last you for many years and projects.

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