Calling Coyotes Like The Pros


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Come on a two year journey with Darrell Holland, moment by moment, from desert to mountains, winter to
summer, in search of the elusive coyote. This course covers coyote calling from A to Z with nothing left out.
Darrell pulls out all the stops as he teaches YOU how to be a Master Hunter. In this comprehensive course on
his first love, calling coyotes, he shows you every angle and every step you need to know in order to call
coyotes successfully (camo, scents, callers, cover, stalking, ambush techniques, calling techniques, tracking,
shooting positions, reading terrain, calibers, cartridges and more). You will even see and understand coyotes’
mannerisms first-hand and up-close.
Darrell shares his secrets, “I want to show them what to do, how to do it and tell them why it works, not just
show shot after shot of dogs going down with a bunch of good ol’ boys just standing around talking.” Darrell
has called in and killed more than 500 coyotes. He will teach you how to see the world from the coyote’s point
of view. How to think, see and track like a coyote. If you’re looking for endless scenes of coyotes exploding on camera, then buy those
other mindless videos. But, if you REALLY want to be successful hunting coyotes, watch this one. You WILL learn how to call coyotes
and you WILL become a Master Hunter!

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