Be an AGI Certified Master Armorer, a recognized expert on Over 200 Million Firearms in just hours.

You can become an AGI Certified Master Armorer and be a recognized expert on 68 different specific firearms and their related models or “families” representing over 200 million firearms.
Be an Expert, a Master Armorer, with knowledge on maintaining Millions of guns by owning the Entire AGI Armorers Library and testing to prove your knowledge.

Each Armorers Course covers in detail a deeper teaching of Design and Function on that particular family of firearms, in most cases using an exclusive cutaway gun to clearly illustrate each aspect and take you inside the gun.

This program includes all 68 Armorer’s Courses included in the AGI Armorer’s Course Libary (Product SKU #Library_Full) In just an average of two hours each, you will become extremely knowledgeable about these 68 families of firearms.

Plus, these Armorer Courses provide you with complete disassemble and reassembly down to the last part (this will save you a lot of time). These courses are a fantastic resource to expand on your AGI Certified Professional Gunsmithing Course experience and you will have the additional designation of being an AGI Certified Master Armorer.

What’s included:
• All 68 AGI Armorer’s Courses on DVD. Your complete reference library of video courses.
• Testing and Certification on all 68 Firearms
• AGI Certified Master Armorer patch upon completion

This Special New AGI Certified Master Armorer Designation, was established because a major Law Enforcement agency asked for this type of course, so that their Armorers Could become expert witnesses in court. YOU should have the same level of knowledge and recognition.

Armorer vs Gunsmith:

A Certified Armorer is someone who understand the overall Design and Function of specific models of firearms, has the ability to completely disassemble and reassemble them, and is qualified to replace worn, broken, or defective components with factory replacements.

A Certified Gunsmith is not only able to perform all of the functions of an Armorer, but is also able to diagnose systems, fit, repair, heat-treat, and even make replacement parts.

Call 1-800-797-0867 with any questions for more information.

“Notice:  Oklahoma residents can purchase courses for their content, but cannot take tests and become “certified” due to excessive regulatory burdens from the Educational Department in Oklahoma.”

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