Say UZI and everybody knows exactly what you mean. Designed in Israel, this gun is known for its high degree of reliability and is symbolic of the on-going struggle for survival of that small nation. Named for its inventor, the UZI is an interestingly designed 9mm SMG with many practical features that others have since copied. You will enjoy getting to know this gun inside and out. Master Armorer, John Bush, demonstrates the complete design and function of the gun along with complete disassembly and reassembly down to the smallest parts. Rare accessories are shown along with trouble shooting and repair. In addition, a visit to the range for some full auto fun! When you finish watching this video course, you too, will be an expert on the UZI Submachine Gun.

If you want the quick course on how to get the Uzi Submachine Gun apart, back together, and operating as intended, then this course is for you (if you want the long course look into our basic 108 hour Professional Gunsmith Course.)

Among the items covered are:


  • A complete history of the Uzi, named after its inventor, Uziel Gal, is given
  • After attending, Military Officers School, Uziel began showing his design to the Israeli Military
  • This compact weapon could be manufactured cheaply and easily, which was appealing to the new Israeli armaments industry
  • The firearm went into production in the early 1950s, in time for the 1956 War
  • IMI (Israeli Military Industries) and Action Arms began to sell the Uzi in the United States and offered many different models
  • Through various manuals and sales brochures, we are shown several different models produced by different manufacturers

Design & Function

  • The telescoping bolt is shown and how this straight blowback design functions is explained
  • The magazine and the use of stripper clips is shown and demonstrated
  • The top cover design is shown and explained
  • Different barrels are shown and discussed
  • Differences in the semi and full auto versions are explained
  • Trigger pack and grip safety functions are shown and demonstrated (semi and full auto function differences are explained)
  • Various front and rear sights and their adjustment tools are shown and demonstrated
  • A variety of stocks, both wood and metal, are shown and demonstrated
  • The bolt and its variations are shown and explained (semi and full auto versions are compared)
  • The firing sequence and feeding of the ammunition is shown and explained


  • Removal of the top cover is demonstrated
  • Demonstration of the bolt and recoil spring being removed from the receiver is shown
  • Stripping of the bolt is shown (extractor removal is demonstrated)
  • Barrel removal is explained and demonstrated
  • Pistol grip and trigger pack removal is shown
  • Information on the ejector and its removal is given
  • Stock and hand guard removal is explained and shown
  • Front and rear sight removal is demonstrated (extreme close ups of parts is shown)
  • Top cover latch disassembly is shown
  • Removal of grips from the trigger pack is demonstrated
  • Trigger pack disassembly is demonstrated (sear and spring, trigger and springs, grip safety and spring, selector and spring, magazine catch and spring are all included)
  • Additional information on the top cover and stock is given

Cleaning & Lubrication

  • AGI cleaning & lubrication methods shown, along with the reasons for their use
  • After cleaning, dry with air gun, or in the oven on Warm ~185-200 degrees (metal parts ONLY)
  • John lubricates using the AGI method


  • John reassembles the Uzi and discusses specific areas to look for wear and other problems that may occur
  • Close ups of the extractor are shown and specifics are explained
  • Bolt reassembly is shown
  • Barrel latch and front sight installation is explained and shown (special tool is demonstrated)
  • Rear sight installation is shown and explained
  • Hand guard installation is shown
  • Receiver inspection is explained
  • Trigger pack reassembly is shown (specific order of parts reassembly is explained and demonstrated through the use of extreme close ups)
  • Stock installation is shown
  • Recoil spring and buffer are discussed and installation is demonstrated
  • Bolt being installed into the receiver is demonstrated
  • Top cover installation is shown
  • Barrel installation is demonstrated
  • Trigger pack installation into the receiver is demonstrated
  • John checks the weapon for safety and proper functioning

Range Testing

  • We get to see John at the range firing the weapon in semi and full auto modes
  • The Uzi is seen with two different wood stocks and then fired some more
  • When there is a failure to eject, we are shown the proper sequence of events to safely clear the weapon and continue firing


  • A blank firing adaptor is shown and explained
  • Different styles of magazines are shown
  • Stripper clips are shown and demonstrated
  • Sight adjusting tools are shown
  • A semi-permanent wood stock is shown
  • A firing pin protrusion tool is shown
  • Many other accessories and collectables are shown to us in the form of a brochure

If you noticed how often the terms explanation and demonstration are used, you may be getting some idea of why this course is necessary for any Uzi Submachine Gun owner, or someone who intends to be.

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