Course #2174
Taming Wildcats**; Custom Cartridge Design and Fabrication

Everything That You Ever Wanted or Needed to Know to Design & Build Your Own Custom Cartridge & Reamer!!

AGIs newest course, taught by custom gunsmith Fred Zeglin, renowned cartridge designer and builder of the well known Hawk series of cartridges, will get you on the road to a thorough understanding of Wildcats and Wildcatting. It will also explain and SHOW to you everything you need to know to do it yourself.

This course not only drives you smoothly from the dreamin up through the actual shooting stages, if you can run a lathe, you will be able to make your own reamers!! Having access to a mill will speed things up, but isnt really necessary. You dont have to be a master machinist or tool & die maker to be able to turn out the blank resizing/forming/chamber reamers on the lathe, and you dont need a tool post grinder. A bench grinder with a good fine grinding wheel and some practice will, with Freds expert and easy to follow guidance, enable you to turn out reamers that will equal anything that you can buy, and for a WHOLE lot less!!! Oh yeah, and he shows you how to sharpen them and heat treat them as well!

Whats in There:

Introduction What is wildcatting, what is a wildcat? Fred takes you through the history of wildcats and wildcatting. He talks about the early wildcatters and the most famous of all, P. O. Ackley. Fred also talks about why you might want to design and build a wildcat cartridge, and what you will need in the way of skills and prior knowledge to be successful.

The 5 Design Steps:

Coming up with your Idea What do you want to build and what do you want your new cartridge to do better that whats on the market?

Doing the Research Has it been built before? Dont reinvent the 7mm-08. Is there anything already in existence that is close and can form the basis for your new cartridge? What case will you base it on?

Creating a Drawing Using readily available, user (novice) friendly, computer programs to make the initial drawings and determine the approximate dimensions.

Comparing Is there another cartridge in existence that closely approximates yours and will do much the same thing you want yours to do?

Deciding Is there still a good reason to go ahead with this project. Maybe the only reason that counts in the end is that you WANT to do it! After all, you are the designer and King of your own design house!

Canon Reamers  What are they, and why do you cars?

Resizing Die Reamers What are the dimensions for your sizing die reamer?

Making a Reamer The nitty gritty on how you can make your own reamerThat really works!!

Heat Treating Your Reamer How you go about making your creation hard enough to hold an edge. You wont need a heat treating oven.

Relief Grinding How to make your reamer actually cut metal

Sharpening Your ReamerHow to make your reamer actually cut metal CLEANLY and leave a good finish.

Forming the Brass Youve got the base brass, youve got the sizer, this is how you form the brass into YOUR new cartridge.

Making a Chamber Reamer What are the body, throat, and neck dimensions supposed to be for the actual chamber? 

Using the Reamer Where the rubber meets the road! How do I actually use my new reamer to cut a good chamber with a good finish?

Final Thoughts Goes over what youve been taught, adds some final thoughts, and reminds you that you are THE KING when it comes to your own design.

Added Good Stuff Youll need a computer and printer but here are pages of info on resource material, tools, lubes, etc. Stuff to make your wildcatting life easier.


**A wildcat cartridge is a cartridge that is not commercially loaded by a major ammunition manufacturer. It may be loaded by a specialty or contract reloader.


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