Bob Dunlap works his way with you through the new Springfield XD series of Semi-Auto pistols. He is very favorably impressed with this new Croatian designed pistol, even though Bob often expresses his likes and dislikes (you know he is not shy about expressing those opinions.) You will be surprised to learn that he is a big fan of this particular plastic gun!

As usual, he uses a cut-a way gun to explain and demonstrate the design and operation of the gun. He also tells you why he thinks that the designer is a European Gun Guy, not an American Engineer, and why that is good. Now take it easy out there you excitable folks, were at least as patriotic as any of you! Take a listen to what he has to say.

If you want the quick course on how to get this super popular new pistol apart, back together, and operating as intended, then this course is for you (if you want the long course, look into our basic 108 hour Professional Gunsmith Course.)

Among the items covered are:


  • There is not much history to discuss in the case of the XD because it is so new
  • The term short recoil, locked breech is applied to the gun, and explained
  • Bob happily notes that the gun is very well made, and of equal importance, the parts that are supposed to be hard really are, and those that need to spring, do

Design & Function

  • Explanation and demonstration of the action firing cycle with the cut-a way gun
  • Locking and unlocking mechanisms shown and their operation demonstrated
  • Extraction, ejection, and loading cycles shown
  • The slides recoil stopping component shown and its operation demonstrated, kudos for its excellent design given, and parts great strength explained and shown
  • Clever design that keeps the feeding of the new round from nudging the barrel forward and up
  • Demonstration of the clever mechanism that forces the barrel that last little bit up into a tight bind lock-up in the slide, and why this is important for accuracy
  • Slide removal is shown to further demonstrate this final lock-up operation, and Bob has one of his unique gadgets to allow you to see how the operation is accomplished
  • Three safeties are displayed and their operation is demonstrated
  • Operation of the disconnector is shown
  • Operation of the firing pin safety is shown
  • Operation of the grip safety is shown
  • Positive engagement angle of the sear with the firing pin is shown
  • Ambidextrous operation of the magazine catch shown
  • Interaction between the slide stop and the magazine follower shown
  • Magazine disassembled and design and operation demonstrated
  • Trigger safety (safety #4) operation displayed
  • Retention of takedown lever shown
  • Locking block insert removed from frame and its operation discussed
  • Barrel feed ramp relationship to frame ramp demonstrated and the 1.5 to 1 rule explained. In addition, covers one area of concern with the design of the gun, and it is a feeding issue
  • Striker assembly design and operation demonstrated
  • Well thought out design of the loaded chamber indicator demonstrated


  • Extensive disassembly, parts not removed, i.e. sights, will be damaged if removed and are not normally removed unless replacement is required
  • Extractor removal shown and you are never going to figure it out without this DVD

Cleaning & Lubrication

  • AGI cleaning & lubrication methods shown, along with the reasons for their use


  • You are going to need to make three slave pins to get the sub-assemblies to stay together while you locate them in the frame. Save your old drills (use the shanks), use Brownells music spring wire, or order three new pins from Springfield and cut them off with a Dremel cutting disk
  • Making sure, you have no parts left over
  • Function and safety checks

Final Thoughts on the Gun

  • Bobs comments on the guns design and execution
  • The final word. He is going to buy one

If you noticed how often the terms “explanation” and “visual demonstration” are used, you may be getting some idea of why this course is necessary for any Springfield XD owner, or someone who intends to be.

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