If you own or work on any of these extremely popular new guns, this is the course for you. AGIs Senior Instructor and Master Gunsmith, Robert Bob Dunlap, guides you through the intricacies of the new S & W M & P Semi-Auto Handgun. This gun is not only becoming the gun of choice for many Police and Sheriffs departments, but is the hottest new gun on the IDPA competition circuits.

Bob uses a cut-a way gun to show you parts identification, proper cleaning and lubrication, and step-by-step instruction in design and function, including: sights, locking systems, sears, and triggers. Being a new gun, he also tells you potential trouble spots to keep an eye on. The cut-a way is a standard .40 S & W model, but he also uses a new M & P 45 with the optional thumb safety, mandated by the Military and some Law Enforcement Agencies.

If you want the quick course on how to get this hot selling new addition the American Law Enforcement and competition scene apart, back together, and operating as intended, then this course is for you (if you want the long course, look into our basic 108 hour Professional Gunsmith Course.)

Among the items covered are:


  • Discussion of previous “plastic” guns, beginning with the Glock, and Smiths first response, the Sigma
  • Some good points of the Sigma
  • Origins of the “M & P” name at Smith & Wesson

Design & Function

  • Explanation of the “locked breech, cam locking” system and demonstration of its operation in this gun
  • Demonstration of its striker firing system, activation of its firing pin blocking safety plunger, and the disconnect operation
  • Observation thru left side cut out of the interaction between sear and striker
  • Demonstration of trigger safety tab
  • Is the thumb safety necessary, or even desirable
  • Showing of “cast in” steel rails and slide stop, and its desirability
  • Area of concern regarding feeding issues in high speed reloads when the mag is “slapped” vigorously into the gun or “limp wristed” during shooting
  • Extractor “blow-out stop” shown and its desirability explained
  • Good support of case shown
  • New slide release tab for disassembly shown. Allows removal of slide without pulling trigger to decock striker
  • Internal mechanism of trigger safety tab shown
  • Operation of trigger bar shown
  • Operation of disconnector shown
  • Manipulation of slide releasing lever by magazine catch shown
  • Operation of slide hold open shown


  • Extensive disassembly, parts not removed have removal described
  • How S & W keeps the firing pin from being pneumatically cushioned
  • How the interchangeable grips work
  • Why you need to be really careful when you remove the mag catch not to bend its spring

Cleaning & Lubrication

  • AGI cleaning & lubrication methods shown, along with the reasons for their use


  • You are going to need a slave pin to get the trigger assembly back together, watch this part first to get the dimensions
  • What you need to be careful of when you put the slide back on
  • Making sure, you have no parts left over

Final Thoughts

  • Potential problem areas and what to watch for
  • Strong points
  • Would “The Great One” buy this himself? Take a look and see for yourself

If you noticed how often the terms “explanation,” “shown,” and “visual demonstration” are used, you may be getting some idea of why this course is necessary for any Smith & Wesson M & P Auto Pistol owner, or someone who intends to be.

View a sample of the content of this course below.

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