Join Master Gunsmith, Robert “Bob” Dunlap, as he shows you all the ins and outs of the Remington 700 Rifle. Bob shows you a complete disassembly and assembly (not just field stripping), parts identification, proper cleaning and lubrication. We give you step-by-step instruction in design, function, and repair, including locking systems, feeding systems, sears, and triggers. Stocks are also covered along with easy repairs for common problems. Bob will take you inside this rifle and show you what each part is supposed to do and how to maintain and repair it.

If you want the quick course on how to get the Remington 700 Rifle apart, back together, and operating as intended, then this course is for you (if you want the long course look into our basic 108 hour Professional Gunsmith Course.)

Among the items covered are:


  • We get to take a look at some other classic Remington firearms
  • Bob shares some interesting Remington trivia and history
  • The model 722, the predecessor of the 700, is shown and the evolutionary differences described
  • Two versions of the model 700 are compared

Design & Function

  • Darrell Hollands modifications are explained
  • The magazine operation and its feeding are explained
  • An example of low feeding and some other problems that may occur are shown and described
  • Sear and cocking piece operation is explained
  • The safety function is explained
  • Bolt operation and lock-up is demonstrated and explained
  • Safety breech is explained in detail with illustrations


  • Design and function continues while the firearm is disassembled
  • Magazine operation is further explained and disassembled
  • Altering the magazine for a different caliber is described
  • Information on barrel removal is given
  • Cocking operation and disassembly
  • Ejector and extractor operation is explained
  • Trigger guard is disassembled
  • Follower and floor plate disassembly is shown
  • Bolt is disassembled, including cocking piece, striker and spring (Bob shows us a special tool to aide in this process)
  • Trigger assembly removal is shown
  • Sear and bolt stop / release are shown up close and in detail
  • Trigger and safety are disassembled and their function is explained
  • Trigger reassembly is shown at this time for continuity
  • Trigger adjustment is shown and explained (cautions are given)
  • Ejector disassembly and problems are covered
Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions7.56 × 5.44 × 0.63 in


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