This course covers:

Design & Function

Operational Overview
Trigger Group
Bolt & Operating Slide
Gas System


Trigger Group & Buttstock Remval
Spring, Op Rod, & Bolt Removal
Gas Cylinder Removal
Handguard & Op Rod Guide Removal
Bolt Lock & Rear Sight Removal
Trigger Group Disassembly
Bolt Disassembly
Front Sight Disassembly
Gas Cylinder Disassembly
Magazine Disassembly
Buttstock Disassembly

Cleaning; The AGI Way


Buttstock Reassembly
Trigger Group Reassembly
Bolt Reassembly
Bolt Lock & Rear Sight Installation
Op Rod Guide Installation
Flash Hider & Front Sight Reassembly
Bolt, Op Rod, & Spring Installation
Buttstock & Trigger Group Installation
Magazine Reassembly

Differences on the National Match Rifles

Stock Bedding
Rear Sight
Op Rod Support
Front Sight

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