Applicable to all Full-Auto & Semi-Auto MP-5s and H & K 94s

Professional Gunsmith, Deputy Sheriff, and Law Enforcement Armorer, Mark Foster, takes you step-by-step through the entire disassembly and reassembly process of the H & K MP-5 down to the last part (not just field stripping.) Mark explains the firearm’s complete design and function including; Full Auto, Semi-Auto and Burst Fire modes. He also covers inspection and repair of worn parts and how to determine if they are within factory specification. In addition he shows the proper maintenance and lubrication points, parts identification, spare parts required, along with overall operation and service of the MP-5 A2 & A3, H & K 94 (semi-auto) and the MP-5K with side folding stock. This course is applicable to all models.

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Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions7.56 × 5.44 × 0.63 in


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