Glock Pistols Armorer Course -Blue-Ray Edition


Glock Pistols Armorer -Blue-Ray Edition

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Covers Generation 1 – 4 Glock Pistols, Including the Models 42 & 43 Single Stack Guns

AGI instructor and Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks is an expert on the
design & function of Glock pistols. He utilizes a cutaway firearm
and the various “Generations” of Glock pistols to demonstrate the design
and function of this safe and reliable handgun. Ken gives us a verbal
timeline of the high points of the history of the Glock pistol. Many
variations of the pistol are shown throughout the course, allowing the
consumer to get a good idea of which pistol will suit their needs. This
Armorer’s course will enable you to disassemble and reassemble your
Glock pistol and avoid the frustrations and common mistakes often made
by the novice pistolsmith. Ken points out all of the safety features
found on the Glock pistol and explains Glock’s “Safe Action” system. You
will also see some of the many accessories and aftermarket parts that
are available for the Glock pistol, including a frame mounted manual
thumb safety. If you want this level of instruction into the Design,
Function, and Repair of firearms in general, look into our basic
108-hour Professional Gunsmith Course.

Among the items covered are:

  • Ken covers basic safety tips to be aware of before handling or taking apart your Glock pistol.
  • See how to properly make sure your pistol is unloaded as well as how to unload the pistol if necessary.
  • Ken goes through Glock’s impressive history, highlighting the many accomplishments made by Glock.
  • We get a look at some of the different Generations of Glock pistols and the various frame sizes as well.
Design and Function
  • The various parts of the pistol are shown and discussed utilizing a cutaway Glock pistol.
  • In depth explanation of the firing sequence of the Glock pistol.
  • Explanation and demonstration of the parts and their operation.
  • The Glock “Safe Action” system is discussed, demonstrated and explained.
  • Explanation and demonstration of extraction and ejection operations are given.
  • The locking and unlocking of the barrel from the slide is demonstrated and explained.
  • Trigger safety is shown and explained.
  • Firing pin blocking plunger safety and its function is demonstrated and explained.
  • The striker and its various parts and function are shown and explained.
  • The connector and its disconnecting function is explained and demonstrated.
  • The cruciform piece and its functions are explained.
  • The trigger spring and its function is explained and demonstrated.
  • The slide stop and it interaction with the follower is demonstrated.
  • The recoil spring assembly and its function is explained and demonstrated.
  • The magazine and the magazine catch and their functions are explained and demonstrated.
  • The slide lock and its importance is explained.
Generational Differences in the Various Glock pistols
  • We are shown the differences in each Generation of Glock pistol
    so that you can tell what Generation of pistol you are buying or working
  • Watch the evolution of the various Glock designs and the changes in the models, or how “Perfection” gets more perfect.
Field Stripping the Glock Pistol
  • Learn how to quickly and easily field strip your Glock pistol, and get it back together just as fast.
  • Ken meticulously demonstrates and clearly shows you how to completely disassemble the Glock pistol.
  • The correct order in which the parts should come out are demonstrated.
  • You will learn which tools will help you easily disassemble your pistol.
  • Learn the best and easiest way to take your magazine apart.
Cleaning and Lubrication
  • AGI cleaning and lubrication methods shown, along with the reasons for their use.
  • Tips are given along the way to make sure the parts are in good working order.
  • Learn how to get the springs really clean and lubricated properly.
  • The correct order to reassemble the parts is shown, and the reasons why.
  • Helpful tips on which common tools to use to most easily get the parts back into working order.
  • Tips on how to avoid frustration and easily reassemble the pistol.
  • Learn the correct way and direction to install the slide lock
    back into the frame to avoid damaging your pistol when it is fired!
  • Learn the correct way and positioning to put the trigger spring back into the trigger mechanism housing.
  • Learn how to do a function test to make sure that your Glock pistol is functioning correctly.
Differences in the Model 42/43 Glock Pistols
  • Using a Model 42 pistol, we are shown the differences between the Model 42/43 pistols and the double stack guns.
  • We are shown how to disassemble and reassemble the Model 42.
  • Ken shows us a multitude of aftermarket accessories for the Glock pistol.

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