Instructed by Master Gunsmith, Gene Shuey.

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He will take you through the entire process, revealing all
the tricks he has learned over the years along with some of the latest upgrades
available for your pistol.

This course is unlike any other previously offered and
contains information you will not find anywhere else. Save hundreds of dollars!
Four hours on one DVD. Over two years of research and development. Everything
is covered in complete detail!

Look what this covers!

  • Tightening the Slide
  • Lapping the Frame to the Slide
  • Installing a Drop-in Barrel
  • Installing a Gunsmith-fit Barrel and Bushing
  • Ramping the Barrel
  • Fitting the Link
  • Cutting the Barrel Feet
  • Showing the Jarvis Camlock System
  • Fitting and Tuning the Extractor
  • Installing a New Ejector
  • Replacing the Plunger Tube
  • Fitting an Extended Beaver Tail Safety
  • Installing an Extended Slide Stop and Thumb Safety
  • Installing a Tapered Mag Well
  • Fitting an Adjustable Trigger
  • Performing a Complete Trigger Job
  • Cutting the Hooks on the Hammer
  • Installing a Skeleton Hammer
  • Installing a Titanium Firing Pin
  • Stoning the Sear and Hammer
  • Tuning the Disconnector
  • Serrating the Back of the Slide
  • Installing and Tightening Stake-on Front Sights
  • Cutting the Dovetail for an Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Installing Tritium Sights
  • Installing an Extended Guide Rod
  • Contouring the Frame and Slide to Fit Your Hand
  • Installing an Extended Mag Release
  • Close-up views of hammer and sear never before seen on video,
    Overview of a myriad of custom options and accessories

How to use many specialized jigs and fixtures (for drilling,
milling, trigger jobs, tightening slide, tightening Frame, fitting grip safety,
installing stake on and dovetail sights, etc.)

A variety of hand, power tool and machining techniques, how
to adjust trigger pull weight.

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