In this course, Instructor, Jack Landis, covers all the major topics in depth including barrels, receivers, trigger mechanisms, stocks, magazines, optics, accessories and more.

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Ruger® has built over
5,000,000 of these rifles and AGI shows you how to make yours, “All It Can

Jack will show you dozens of options from Target to Varmint
to Tactical, and where to get them! In addition, he will help you determine
just what kind of rifle you want, and how to assemble it hassle free.

Jack will cover:

  • How to true your bolt and adjust for minimum headspace
    (critical for .17 caliber guns!), or where to have it done for you
  • How to get rid of the infamous “Ruger® Barrel
    Droop” and get all of your scope’s vertical adjustment back
  • How to make a simple fixture to drill and tap a hole in the
    rear of the receiver, in-line with the bore, in order to clean your barrel from
    the breech
  • How to bed a threaded aftermarket receiver with “blind”
    rear bedding tab and discuss different bedding techniques
  • How various aftermarket fire control parts (sears &
    hammers) interact with each other as well as other manufacturer parts
  • How to do a proper trigger job and how to correctly fit the
    safety after doing a trigger job if necessary
  • How to make your own “automatic” bolt release and
    a “quickie” extended magazine release
  • Aftermarket trigger housings & trigger assemblies, also
    show what is different and unique about them


The rifle Jack built for under $450 during this course
delivered five shot groups under .25 at 25 yards with inexpensive standard
grade ammunition. If you desire to improve or customize your 10/22®, this is a necessary

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