Master Gunsmith and AGI Senior Instructor Ken Brooks uses his extensive knowledge of firearms to show and explain the Bond Arms Double Barrel Handgun. See why Bond Arms prefers this name for their product, and the dramatic improvements over the classic Remington style derringer it represents.
Ken uses a cutaway firearm to demonstrate and explain the design and function of this classic hideout firearm. He starts by giving us a bit of history about the firearm and gives us a look at some of the variations found in this gun. This Armorers course will enable you to disassemble and then reassemble your Bond Arms pistol and be able to avoid the frustrations and common mistakes often made by the novice gunsmith. You will also be shown the safety features of this firearm.
If you want this level of instruction into the Design, Function, and Repair of firearms in general, look into our basic 108-hour Professional Gunsmith Course.
Among the items covered are:

 Ken gives us a brief history of Bond Arms. We will learn some interesting facts and trivia about the company.
Design and Function
 A cutaway firearm is utilized to explain and demonstrate the design and function of the Bond Arms Derringer.
 The various parts of the gun are shown and discussed.
 We are clearly shown how the lock lever shaft unlocks the gun to open it for loading, how the gun is locked closed, and why it must be locked for the gun to fire.
 Some of the unique safety features are explained and demonstrated.
 The importance of the rebound system is explained and demonstrated.
 Explanation of the hammers safe notch and full cock notch is demonstrated and explained.
 The barrel (firing pin) selector cam and its operation is demonstrated and explained.
 The hammer head and its relation to the firing pins is explained and demonstrated.
 Ken meticulously demonstrates and shows you clearly how to completely disassemble the Bond Arms  Derringer.
 The correct order in which the parts should come out are demonstrated.
 You will learn which tools will help you to easily disassemble your derringer.
 Learn how to take out the mainspring and struts without launching any of its parts across the room.
 Learn which parts are semi-permanent installations and should be left alone.
Cleaning and Lubrication
 AGI cleaning and lubrication methods shown, along with the reasons for their use.
 Learn how to get the springs really clean and then lubricated properly.
 The correct order the parts should be reassembled is shown.
 Helpful tips on which common tools are useful for getting the parts back into working order.
 Tips on how to avoid frustration and easily reassemble the pistol.
 Learn how to install the safety retainer screw to the correct tension so that the safety works properly.
 Learn the correct direction and placement of all of the springs that go inside the gun so that the firearm will  function correctly.
 Ken shows us some of the barrels and other accessories available from Bond Arms.

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