Instructor Master Armorer John Bush

Model of 1918
US used the gun from WW I Viet Nam
Still in use today by many countries
Manufactured by Colt, Marlin Rockwell, and Winchester
Military Manuals shown, differences between 1918 and 1918A2 mentioned
As well as other countries manufacture and calibers 

Design & Function
World War II US Military Training Video shown-shows complete gas system operation, feeding/extraction/ejection cycle. Shows operation of the fire-control system as well as the difference in operation speed due to accelerator/sear system

US Naval Training device used to show systems operation
Operator ergonomic considerations discussed
Mr Bush disassembles the gun to explain its operation

Gas system operation and adjustment of gas port show
Fire control system parts shown and operation explained
Function of the actuator/accelerator system shown

Guns complete disassembly shown
Parts that should NOT be disassembled shown and the reasons why
How the various parts interact and why theyre designed the way they are

Complete reassembly shown and common errors to avoid.
Tips to make the reassembly easier
Function and safety checks shown after reassembly

Ohio Ordnance Semi Auto A3
Differences between the A3 and full auto guns shown and discussed.
Disassembly done to clearly show the differences
Why this gun is semi auto only and why/how its designed to make modification to full auto extremely difficult

Cleaning & Lubrication
AGI cleaning & lubrication methods shown and the reasons for their use

Reassembly of the Ohio Ordnance A3
Changes Ohio Ord made to make reassembly easier

Maintenance and Care of the BAR

Final Thoughts
How to remove the extractor without taking the gun apart

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