This course teaches you the shortcuts, tips, and tricks used by the pros! If you are not yet ready to invest in the
complete American Gunsmithing Institute’s Professional Gunsmithing Course but want to continue to build your gunsmithing skills and be able to do dozens of different repairs, the Hobby Gunsmithing Course is the perfect “next step” for you! 15 hours of instruction from Master Gunsmith Robert Dunlap which includes:

• How to set up your home workshop. Everything from the depth and height of your workbench to the “must have” hand and
power tools that will save you time and money.
• How to custom hand grind your own gunsmithing screwdrivers
• Two simple tricks for removing broken screws from metal or wood
• Tricks on how to properly mount a scope . . . and the “Dollar Bill Test” to use once you’ve got the scope on
• Proper barrel cleaning to avoid damage
• What NEVER to do when polishing a chamber
• A simple method to quickly repair loose handgun grips
• How to replace or install a recoil pad
• Cold-bluing methods
• Various types of firearm locking systems: rifles, pistols and shotguns
• How to repair a broken stock . . . using the tips in this lesson just once could save you hundreds of dollars and
pay for the entire course!
• How to retip a broken firing pin
• Proper nomenclature and parts identification of single action revolver, double action revolver, shotgun and long
gun; learn to talk “the talk” of a real Gunsmith
• How to identify a striker or hammer fired gun and why the difference is important
• How to determine the proper “length of pull” for your firearms
• The differences between American and European style stocks
• How to tell if you’re stock is “cast-off, cast-on, or neutral” . . . and how this affects recoil
• Why your sight picture may change depending on your stock’s pitch
• Barrel types, styles, and manufacturing
• Introduction to ballistics and how cartridges are designed
• A complete discussion of sights and scopes

Plus . . . you get The Complete Hobby Gunsmithing Reference Book!

This book is crammed full with reference information including troubleshooting tips and shop techniques An absolute must have! This book includes:

• Master index for the DVDs
• A 16-page “Troubleshooting Flow Chart” Identify the malfunction then simply follow across the chart to learn the
probable cause and appropriate corrective action. PURE GOLD!
• The exact blueprints for over 13 different custom gunsmithing tools
• Metric and English ammunition designations and sizes chart
• Full page of decimal equivalents, a handy reference for drill and tap sizes.
• Heat-treating chart for hardening metals.
• PLUS More!!!

“Notice:  Oklahoma residents can purchase courses for their content, but cannot take tests and become “certified” due to excessive regulatory burdens from the Educational Department in Oklahoma.”

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Dimensions13 × 13 × 8 in


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