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Master Gunsmith and AGI Senior Instructor Bob Dunlap uses his extensive knowledge of firearms to show and explain the Mosin Nagant rifle and carbine to you. Bob uses a cutaway firearm and various models of the Mosin Nagant to demonstrate the design and function of this classic military rifle. Bob starts out by giving us a bit of history about the firearm and we get a first look at some of the variations found in this gun. This Armorers course will enable you to disassemble and then reassemble your Mosin Nagant and be able to avoid the frustrations and common mistakes often made by the novice gunsmith. You will also be shown the safety features of this firearm.

If you want this level of instruction into the Design, Function, and Repair of firearms in general, look into our basic 108-hour Professional Gunsmith Course.

Among the items covered are:

 Bob sheds some light on which countries manufactured the Mosin Nagant and how many of these guns were  produced.
 Learn some interesting facts and trivia about the firearm.
 We also get a look at some variations of the gun, as well as the cartridge that the rifle fires.
 We will learn who used, and still uses, the Mosin Nagant and why.
Design and Function
 In depth explanation of the firing sequence.
 The various parts of the gun are shown and discussed utilizing a cutaway firearm.
 Explanation and demonstration of the parts and their operation.
 Bolt operation and the locking lugs explained and demonstrated.
 Safety features are explained.
 Explanation and demonstration of extraction and ejection operations given.
 Unique magazine and follower function explained.
 The function of the cartridge stop is demonstrated
 The problem of double feeding is explained and we are told how to go about fixing it.
 The massive safety lug and its purpose is explained.
 The function and interaction of the trigger, sear and cocking piece are demonstrated and explained in depth.
 Instructor, Ken Brooks, goes over basic safety tips to be aware of before disassembling your Mosin Nagant  rifle.
 We are shown how to safely and properly make sure that the rifle is unloaded and how to unload the gun if  necessary.
 Ken Brooks meticulously demonstrates and shows you clearly how to disassemble the Mosin Nagant rifle.
 Using Kens methods, you will save significant amounts of time, effort and frustration when taking your rifle  apart.
 The correct order in which parts should come out is demonstrated.
 Learn which tools will help you to more easily disassemble the rifle.
Cleaning and Lubrication
 AGI cleaning and lubrication methods shown, along with reasons for their use.
 Tips are given along the way to make sure the parts are in good working order.
 The correct order in which the parts are reassembled is shown.
 Helpful tips as to which common tools are used for getting the parts back into working order.
 Tips on how to avoid frustration and easily reassemble the rifle.
 Disassembly and Reassembly of the Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine
 Ken Brooks shows us the variations found on the M44 carbine.
 The differences in the disassembly and reassembly of the M44 are demonstrated and explained.
 The bayonet and its disassembly and reassembly is shown in detail.
Disassembly and Reassembly of the Finnish Mosin Nagant
 Ken Brooks show us the variations found on the Finnish Mosin Nagant rifle.
 The differences in the disassembly and reassembly of the Finnish rifle are demonstrated and explained.
 Bob Dunlap shows tells us about some of the aftermarket accessories that are available for the Mosin Nagant.
 We are shown some of the standard military accessories that were issued with the rifle.
 Demonstration and explanation of how to use the standard issue accessories of the Mosin Nagant rifle.
If you noticed how often the terms “explanation” and “demonstration” are used, you may be getting some idea of why this course is necessary for any owner of a Mosin Nagant rifle.

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