Every gunsmith needs to know how to treat metals to make or modify parts for use. In this instruction Bob Dunlap teaches you how to work with medium and high carbon steels commonly found in gun parts today. Annealing, drawing back and spot hardening are all covered, and the uses of each technique explained. This clear, and simple course is standard, basic knowledge that you will find is used daily in the gun shop.

Learn how to give mild steels a case hard surface in this hour-long course featuring master gunsmith Bob Dunlap.

Case hardening creates a long wearing surface for parts that bear against each other, and allow the gunsmith to greatly extend the life of the part. Sears, hammers and triggers are common examples of parts that benefit from case hardened finishes.

Many older guns did not use this type of finish and when repairing them you can improve the quality and durability of the parts with these easy to follow instructions. Includes a detailed demonstration on the use of case hardening compounds on small and medium size parts.

By owning this AGI course you have the ability to keep this knowledge on call for review whenever you need it.

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