AGI Online Certified Glocksmith Course

This is the online version of the course and does not include DVDs!

Even if you have never disassembled a Glock before, after watching and practicing the techniques shown in this course, you will master the Glock pistol and be able to repair and customize it. You will become a qualified Glocksmith.

The Glock pistol has become a trusted handgun for many Law Enforcement Agencies and civilians worldwide. Possessing the knowledge of the design, function and repair of the Glock pistol, will enable you to repair and customize anyone’s Glock pistol.

Utilizing AGI’s unique and proven teaching methods, you can study on your own time schedule at home or on the road to become a Certified Glocksmith! After studying this course, you will be a Glock expert.

Ken Brooks walks you through every step of the complete disassembly and reassembly (D/R) of the Glock down to the very last part in close-up detail. Once you know the secrets, the pistol will seem to disassemble at your very touch, in mere seconds. You will never fear taking it all the way down to a bare frame.

Mr. Brooks then uses a rare original factory cutaway pistol to reveal the intricate inner workings of this revolutionary pistol design. This course is applicable to all models and generations of the Glock, even the new single stack compacts. In addition to proper maintenance techniques and complete disassembly/reassembly you will also learn how to make this great pistol even more reliable.

Then noted Glock authority, Glocksmith T.R. Graham takes you into the gun piece by piece, teaching you the tips and tricks that years of experience have shown work. In this course you’ll see all types of trigger modifications available by switching parts, using aftermarket parts, and even by modifying the factory originals. Learning how to combine them for different shooters and applications, is shown, along with a build-up of both a combat and a target trigger.

T.R. will show you how to install an extended mag release and slide stop and make them work even more effectively. He covers aftermarket recoil spring and guide rod combinations, and explains why and when to use them. After reviewing a myriad of different magazine and grip accessories, he shows how to combine them to tailor the pistol to YOU. He even covers aftermarket barrels and barrel fitting with great detail.

Want to convert your Glock to another caliber or enhance the accuracy? T.R. covers step-by-step how to get the most accuracy out of your Glock, as well as showing you several caliber conversions including a .22 cal conversion and even how to make your Glock into a carbine using the kit from Mech Tech! Sights, barrels, triggers, magazines, accessories, conversions, custom parts, and accurizing are all covered!

T.R. also provides you with an amazing array of tricks, tips, and modifications he has learned from working on thousands of Glocks, including: trigger mods, frame changes, safeties, extractor, and ejector mods. He’ll give you honest opinions on barrels and porting systems and show you how to fit them for the best accuracy. You’ll learn what parts will give you the best return in accuracy for dollars spent and what to avoid. T.R. even explains the differences in the factory parts that are available, and which ones can be interchanged between different model guns.

Master Gunsmith Gene Shuey then teaches you how to customize the Glock by revealing the four areas you can greatly improve on this excellent pistol! There is no doubt the Glock pistol is a reliable workhorse for law enforcement, military, and personal protection. However, there are four areas of the Glock pistol that anyone with the right training and just basic skills can improve: The sights, the barrel (for accuracy and the ability to safely shoot lead bullet reloads), the grip frame (better fit, grip, and reduced felt recoil) and the trigger pull. To get the most out of your Glock you need to know how to address each of these areas and in this course Gene Shuey and AGI show you how, step-by-step.

Mr. Shuey is well known for building extremely high-end pistols.

Entire feature articles have been written about his work in gun magazines around the world. Over the years he has refined his process for converting Glocks into the finest concealed carry and competition pistols available anywhere. He now shares with you everything he has learned from spending thousands of hours working on these guns. You will learn how to build guns like his!
Follow along as he shows you numerous different sight options currently available and helps you make your choice. He selects an aftermarket “drop-in” barrel, installs it, and demonstrates how to test for proper fit, as well as polish the chamber for reliable feeding. He shows you how to enhance the grip and increase the adhesion of the grip so it won’t slip during rapid firing or when your hands are sweaty, wet, or slippery. Gene will also show you how to install a thumb safety.

Furthermore, he teaches you how to greatly improve your trigger pull by installing a lighter trigger connector, springs, and smoothing and tuning the parts. You will learn how to select and install an approved recoil spring assembly to reduce felt recoil and improve reliability.

In the advanced techniques section Mr. Shuey demonstrates installing and modifying a custom slide and how to machine in a sight track, as well as bevel the side and front edges for a striking appearance and smooth, concealed carry. He teaches you how to perform an advanced and comprehensive trigger job that speeds up lock time with a Titanium firing pin, then shows you how to install the Cominoli “1911 style” thumb safety. You’ll also see him show and explain the pros and cons of an extensive assortment of the slide stops and magazine releases available as both factory and aftermarket parts. Gene reveals how to recontour the shape of your grip and enhance the surface texture to create a grip that fits your hand like a glove. He even shows how to systematically make money building custom Glocks by creating a reuseable, model specific template to ensure a perfect job each and every time. On top of all that, he covers finishing options such as hard chrome, DLC, and bluing.

Simply a MUST HAVE COURSE for anyone who wants to build Custom Glocks.  You will learn how to modify your Glock into a custom carry gun using the step-by-step, detailed instruction you have come to expect from AGI.

This Online Course includes: Online Video Modules, online testing, a Glocksmithing Certificate, and Certified Glocksmith patch to wear on your shop apron or shooting jacket (upon completion of your online test)! As an additional bonus we have included a recording of a one-time Live Classroom course by Gene Shuey on how-to do a professional Glock Trigger Job!




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