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AGI Online Certified 1911 Pistolsmith

This is the online only version of the course and does not include DVDs! 

Learn how to maintain and build custom 1911 pistols!

The 1911 is an obvious choice as a personal defense weapon or for building the latest IPSC competition pistols or hi-capacity, compensated race guns. Not many people really understand how this locked breech single action auto pistol truly works, let alone be able to properly customize it and still have it work reliably!

Utilizing AGI’s unique and proven teaching methods, you can study on your own time schedule at home or on the road to become a Certified 1911 Pistolsmith! After studying this course, you will be a 1911 expert.  As you know, at AGI we believe you can’t fix or effectively customize a firearm unless you truly understand HOW the firearm is designed and intended to work, so that’s where we start.

First, Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks completely walks you step-by-step through the process of the complete and total disassembly and reassembly of the 1911 pistol down to the last part, including showing you several variations.  Next, Bob Dunlap explains in extreme detail the complete Design, Function and Repair of the 1911 using a cutaway pistol. By investing the time to learn about feed ramp design, lock-up, loose breech and extractor fit, you will be able to use these techniques to tune your .45 for maximum reliability and performance.

Then, Master Pistolsmith Gene Shuey shows you the step-by-step process of how to build the same type of high-end, custom 1911 pistols for which he charges over $5,000.

He is backlogged for several years. Gene has over 45 years experience shooting and building 1911 style pistols of all types, from compact carry guns to the most exotic race guns with wild compensators used by Grand Master Shooters.

He will take you through the entire process, revealing all the tricks he has learned from decades of experience along with some of the latest upgrades available for your pistol.  No matter whether you are building custom 1911s from the frame up or are modifying existing 1911 style pistols for yourself or your customers, being a 1911 Pistolsmith will enable you to add all the cool features that everyone wants and still turn out accurate, reliable pistols.

This course includes ALL of the following:

  • Tightening the slide
  • Lapping the frame to the slide
  • Ramping the barrel
  • Fitting the link
  • Fitting and filing the barrel
  • Showing the Jarvis camlock system
  • Fitting and tuning the extractor
  • Installing a new ejector
  • Replacing the plunger tube
  • Fitting an extended beaver tail safety
  • Installing a gunsmith-fit barrel and bushing
  • Installing an extended slide stop and thumb safety
  • Installing a tapered mag well
  • Fitting an adjustable trigger
  • Performing a complete trigger job
  • Adjusting and cutting the hooks on the hammer
  • Installing a skeleton hammer
  • Installing a titanium firing pin
  • Stoning the sear and hammer
  • Tuning the disconnector
  • Installing an extended guide rod
  • Installing an extended mag release
  • Installing and tightening stake-on front sights
  • Installing tritium sights
  • Contouring the frame and slide to fit your hand
  • Cutting the dovetail for an adjustable rear sight
  • Overview of a myriad of custom options and accessories
  • Close up views of hammer and sear never before seen on video
  • How to use many specialized jigs and fixtures (for drilling, milling, trigger jobs, tightening slide, tightening frame, fitting grip safety, installing stake on and dovetail sights, etc.)
  • Variety of hand, power tool and machining techniques
  • How to adjust trigger pull weight
  • Fitting the slide to the frame
  • Fitting a bull barrel
  • Reaming a chamber and headspacing a barrel
  • Professional trigger job with custom hammer and sear
  • Installing a full length tungsten guide rod with reverse plug
  • Balancing the springs for reliability and performance
  • Fitting barrel lock-up
  • Tuning the extractor
  • Tuning the ejector
  • Installing and adjusting a trigger
  • You will Learn the Professional’s Secrets to:
  • Getting an ultra light, crisp trigger pull
  • Getting match accuracy with combat reliability
  • Using tools and fixtures like a pro
  • Which options give you the most performance
  • Exotic and durable finishes
  • How to select the best components and parts
  • How to fit an oversized slide for maximum accuracy and performance
  • How to install adjustable and fiber optic sights
  • Machining a flat rib on top of a slide
  • How to do a 11/2 lb trigger job safely
  • How to tune up an extractor and ejector
  • What causes a pistol to jam on feeding and how to make it “jam proof”
  • How to correctly install an ambidextrous safety
  • Learn the importance of proper spring rate and how to select the right springs to do the job
  • How to contour the grip to fit your hand and minimize felt recoil
  • Where to purchase the latest “hi-tech” parts
  • Selecting the best finish for your pistol
  • How to tune and troubleshoot hi-capacity magazines
  • How to cut costs and time by selecting factory offered options
  • Learning the tips and techniques on tuning for absolute reliability

To be a 1911 Pistolsmith you must be able to troubleshoot these pistols and understand what creates those mysterious malfunctions that drive shooters nuts and how to permanently repair them.  Ever wonder why after you have added that latest trick gadget, your .45 is not quite as reliable as it used to be?  As originally designed, the 1911 is unbelievably reliable. However, when you or a manufacturer change features, add parts or vary from the original design in any way, this gun can provide you with some frustrating reliability problems.  To resolve these issues, Gene Shuey will take you through the entire troubleshooting process, using cutaways to simulate and show you what specific types of jams and various malfunctions look like, what causes them, and how to correct or avoid these problems.  We have assembled an entire “How-to” Troubleshooting

Encyclopedia for the 1911 auto pistol. This is laid out and presented in a logical problem/solution format that is easy to follow and allows you to rapidly find the information you are looking for, including:

  • Feeding related jams
  • Feed ramp design and angles
  • Recoil spring balancing
  • Hammer drops or follows down
  • Slide stop not functioning after last round
  • Addressing accuracy issues
  • Failure to load from magazine
  • Case extraction problems
  • Extractor
  • Grip safety
  • Slide fit
  • Breach face
  • Ejection problems
  • Thumb safety failures
  • Trigger problems and adjustments
  • Slide not fully closing and locking-up
  • Extensive troubleshooting of magazine problems

Applicable to all makes, models and calibers, this course is a mandatory video resource for anyone who owns a 1911 or who is a serious student of this pistol.  This certified course includes 27 hours of video instruction, a detailed workbook with professional notes on the 1911 pistol which you can use as a reference guide with close-ups and lists of sources, testing, a 1911 Pistolsmithing Certificate, and Certified 1911 Pistolsmith patch to wear on your shop apron or shooting jacket upon completion of  your online test. As an additional bonus you will also be able to “sit-in” and watch a class that Gene Shuey presented to a group of students on how to do a 1911 Trigger Job!


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