The Milling Course is just as thorough and complete as the lathe course. Once again, Darrell comes through by giving you unique insight into the capabilities and features of the vertical mill. He tells you exactly what to look for when purchasing a new or used mill as well as tramming the head, fixturing, X,Y & Z axis movements, locating centers, locating edges, types of cutters, cutting speeds and fluids, chip load, material selection, fly-cutting, climb-cutting, The AGI Machine Shop Course is the most comprehensive and easy to understand instruction ever offered on the proper set up and use of the lathe, mill and general machine shop equipment. precision hole-drilling, angle cuts and boring. AND . . . he goes into detail on how to use edge finders, collets, chucks, clamping tools, digital readouts, measuring tools, specialty cutters, rotary tables, indexers and much more.

Climb into Darrell’s Head Just knowing the techniques isn’t enough, we give you insight into the way a Master Machinist like Darrell thinks. In the section on “Making a Part: Start to Finish,” Darrell takes you through the thought process of how you approach making a part. He shows you how to think through the entire process in your mind before you start the machine and the differences between machining a single part and setting up for a production run. It’s the sharing of this kind of knowledge and information that sets us apart from any other course or institute.

Darrell covers (in his usual detail) how to design and set up your shop, buy materials and perform heat treating as well as how to use the belt sander, drill press, blast cabinet, cut-off saw, pedestal grinder, surface grinder and more. The detailed tricks and techniques he gives you will save you loads of time and make you more money (like how to remove broken screws and resharpen drill bits)!

Darrell then rounds out the course by demonstrating the abilities and limitations of the less expensive Mill/Drill combination machines that are now available. He gives you his own personal recommendations of when and how they can be used effectively and if that wasn’t enough . . . BONUS VIDEOS: Two more instructors will show you how to set up and operate an automotive-cylinder boring machine and an automotive brake lathe. Armed with this exclusive information you could start doing contract work for a local garage!

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