AGI Armorer’s Course for Luger Pistols


The Luger semi-auto pistol was one of the first practical semi-auto pistols and its silhouette is one of the most recognizable in the world. The guns served the Germans through two World Wars and hundreds of thousands of the guns have been brought back by returning GIs and imported.

Bob Dunlap is a renowned expert on most of today and yesterdays important and obscure firearms. He has been a warranty station for most manufacturers, both large and small. His understanding of the design, function, and repair of firearms in general is unsurpassed, and his appreciation of European and exotic arms is legendary among his students. This course is designed to help all of you Luger owners who love the gun, but are a little mystified about its workings. In typical AGI fashion, we use a cut-a way gun,  although we almost cried when we cut up a beautiful 1938 Luger, that allows you to actually see how the various parts work and interact.

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