Now YOU have a front row seat in the classroom of the future! Our writers and producers have put together a professional training course using personalized DVD video instruction. With our comprehensive course outline, specialized production techniques, and knowledgeable instructors, you will receive detailed instruction you could NEVER get in the classroom. Our course will take you from the most basic machining skills right through the tricks, tips, and techniques of master machinists.

We teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about the lathe: what to look for if you are buying one, the function of each part of the machine, how to set it up, grinding your own tool bits, complete facing, turning and boring operations including turning precision diameters and tapers, boring holes and turning threads (internal AND external), knurling, finishing, and more.

Darrell doesn’t just show you how to operate the machine, he teaches you the core knowledge required so you really UNDERSTAND what you are doing. How to select the proper materials for the application and calculate turning speeds and feed rates are covered as well as measuring tools and measuring techniques.

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