AGI CERTIFIED Sig P320  Armorer’s Course!

Gunsmith and Law Enforcement Armorer Mark Foster takes you completely through the Sig P320 fire control chassis based weapon platform from a law enforcement perspective. This 21/4 hour video course includes design, function, maintenance, repair, and tactical modifications.

This course will take you deep into the P320 platform, resulting in an expanded understanding of all the considerations that go into assembling, troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining this firearm in its many variations and configurations at a Law Enforcement Armorer’s Level.

Intended to meet or exceed the level of any Factory Law Enforcement Armorer’s Course for the AR-15 platform, this course is ideal for any Armorer, Gunsmith, or Owner/Operator who wants to truly understand this firearm and be able to successfully work on it. Parts and variations are covered in detail, including understanding the trigger upgrade and how to identify those guns which have had the factory modification installed. A broad overview of learned best practices for Law Enforcement environments along with information and discussion of the pros and cons of adding optional parts or gear to the P320 is provided.

Testing, Certification, and wearable Sig P320 Armorer patch included.


The Course

The Sig pistol, in all of its models and iterations, is considered by experts in Law Enforcement and the world’s militaries to be one of the highest quality and most respected handguns currently produced. It is in use by and favored by many of the most elite tactical units in the world. The new striker fired, polymer frame P320 carries on with that tradition.

Mark Foster is an expert in the field of Law Enforcement weapons and retired from a California Sheriff’s Department after many years as the departments Armorer. He is a Master Gunsmith who also trained at Lassen College with Gene Kelly, Darrell Holland, and Fred Zeglin under the tutelage of renowned Gunsmith, Firearms Expert, and Instructor Robert “Bob” Dunlap. As a result, Mark is an enthusiastic advocate and proponent of Bob’s “Design/Function/Repair” philosophy, and an expert in its application to gunsmithing and design.

Mark’s department has used Sig pistols for over 20 years and transitioned to the new P320 in 2017. Mark is also a Sig Certified Armorer.

This course is for those of you looking for practical instruction in how to get your Sig P320 auto pistol completely apart, clean, troubleshoot, make common repairs, and get your gun back together and operating properly. It is designed to help all of you long time SIG owners and those who have just purchased their latest duty pistol. We show you, in our celebrated AGI fashion, exactly how all the parts work, interact, and function with close-up, High Definition video.

Among the items covered in this DVD are:

• Mark discusses the first appearance of the gun in January 2014. This gun was Sig’s first polymer frame, striker fired pistol
• Design follows that of the P250, with the exception of not being hammer fired.
• Gen 1 and Gen 2 guns vary basically in ergonomics
• In 2017 the gun was adopted by the US military to replace the Beretta M9
• In 2017 the issue arose of several unintended discharges of the pistol if dropped at        precisely the correct angle and landing in one precise spot.
• Sig responded immediately with an effective upgrade, fixed customer guns free, and introduced Gen 3 guns with the upgrade

Design & Function
• A full-size gun is used to illustrate and demonstrate the gun’s design and function, including the removeable, self-contained, fire control chassis system
• The Cycle of Operation is shown in detail; feeding, cocking, lock-up, firing, un-locking, extraction, and ejection
• Sear/striker interaction, lock/unlock operation and the function of the slide catch pin is shown and demonstrated, as well as barrel lock-up in slide
• Disconnector operation is shown and explained, as well as the lightening of and addition of a safety notch in the upgraded sear
• The striker safety lock and its takedown/safety lever interaction demonstrated and explained
• Fire control chassis (the serial numbered part which legally comprises the gun) removed.
• Explanation and demonstration of why trigger does not have to be pulled to remove slide, a big safety feature
• Two things an extractor MUST do on a locked breech centerfire pistol, and proper tensioning of extractor
• Magazine catch design and operation shown

Complete Disassembly
• Field Strip shown, including fire control removal
• Cautions on spring loaded parts, and how to avoid their launching into “Never, Never Seen Again Land”
• Magazine
• Slide
• Striker assembly, and upgraded striker shown
• Grip frame and removal of fire control unit
• Magazine catch removal and disassembly
• Slide, barrel, and recoil spring removal
• Fire control unit disassembly, differences between Gen 1/Gen 2, and upgraded Gen 3 shown and explained

• Use of slave pins for reassembly, and their dimensions
• Fire control group
• Grip frame/magazine catch reassembly
• Striker assembly
• Slide group
• Magazine

• Grip frames, four sizes, each with three possible grip sizes, and specialty models shown and discussed
• Magazine sizes and capacity options
• Differences between Gen 1/Gen 2 and the new Gen 3 magazines
• Which Gen magazines can be used in which Gen guns
• Trigger options-Apex Tactical and Grey Guns models shown and/or discussed
• Why flat triggers are NOT a gimmick
• Why Law Enforcement/Protection guns and Competition guns need different trigger specs, and what those are

Troubleshooting & Maintenance
• Causes of most malfunctions
• Proper cleaning and lubrication
• Why extractors are responsible for most feeding and ejection issues
• When to replace springs, striker assemblies, and extractors
• How many of what parts you should keep on hand
• Inspection/Maintenance Record Sheets included, and downloadable

Final Thoughts

If you noticed how often the terms “explanation”, and “demonstration” are used, you may be getting some idea of why this course is a “must-have” for any Sig P320 pistol owner, LE Armorer, or someone who intends to be.

Notice: This course is not Approved or Endorsed by SIG Sauer

“Notice:  Oklahoma residents can purchase courses for their content, but cannot take tests and become “certified” due to excessive regulatory burdens from the Educational Department in Oklahoma.”

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