In Building a Custom Carry Glock, Volume II, Master
Pistolsmith, Gene Shuey, adds to the lessons he taught you in Volume I,
allowing you to discover and perform advanced techniques he developed that were
previously closely guarded Gunsmithing secrets.

Following the methods shown in this course, you can build a
truly custom Glock that combines stunning looks and exceptional performance!
This course is absolutely guaranteed to teach you all you need to know in order
to build the carry pistol of your dreams.

Mr. Shuey takes a Caspian slide and shows you how to machine
in a sight track as well as bevel front and sides edges for a smooth, concealed
carry. Watch as he teaches you how to perform an advanced and comprehensive
trigger job that speeds up lock time with a Titanium firing pin, then shows you
how to install the Cominoli 1911 style thumb safety. You will also see him show
and explain the pros and cons of an extensive assortment of the slide stops and
magazine releases available as both factory and aftermarket parts.

You will learn real insider information as he reveals how to
re-contour the shape of your grip and enhance the surface texture to create a
grip that fits your hand like a glove. Mr. Shuey even shows you how to
systematically make money building custom Glocks by creating a reusable, model
specific, template to ensure a perfect job every time.

Gene shows you the many different sight options available
and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each. He also demonstrates
methods and tools used to install sights without damaging your custom slide. On
top of all that, he covers finishing options such as hard chrome, DLC, and

Building a Custom Carry Glock, Volume II is the perfect
companion course to Volume I. These are the operations and techniques that will
enable you to build the ultimate, one-of-a-kind, Glock Carry-Gun that will be the
envy of all of your friends and sportsman associates.


Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions7.56 × 5.44 × 0.63 in


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