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Certified Firearms Appraiser Course


Millions of dollars in guns will be sold, traded, or inherited every year for at least the next twenty years as the "Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers" retire or pass on. Many of these guns must be formally appraised, for estate, resale and tax purposes.

For example, the IRS requires that guns that are a significant part of an estate be appraised for tax purposes. The same goes for collections of guns that are being donated to a museum, foundation, or non-profit as a tax deduction. (Complete details are covered in the course).

In divorce cases the firearms owned will often have to be valued to split up the assets.

In the case of bankruptcies the guns are considered part of an individuals net worth, a certain amount of which if properly documented they get to keep. (This is all covered in the course)

Individuals that need money for retirement or who need to raise cash, have to know what their guns are really worth so that they can get a fair price. In addition surviving spouses or children will often want to sell a deceased person's firearms, but have no idea of their value. You will be able to help these individuals by providing your honest educated opinion, while getting paid for your services.

No matter what the reason is that they need it, you will be able to do professional firearm appraisals and get paid for your services. AGIs Certified Firearms Appraiser Course provides you with proper training and certification to be able to provide an expert opinion and keep yourself legal.

Training Modules

  • Understanding need for and value of firearms appraisal
  • How to accurately Assess and evaluate a firearm for authenticity and defects
  • Specific evaluation details that need careful attention
  • Official preparation of appraisal documentation

What's in the Box?

  • Thirteen audio interviews with the industrys most respected authorities in firearm appraisal
  • Over seven hours of DVD instruction/appraisal and refinishing examples
  • The Blue Book of Gun Values
  • Flaydermans Guide to Antique Firearms
  • American Gunsmiths by Frank Sellers
  • Course handbook and audio transcripts
  • Official firearm appraisal forms
  • Accompanying helpful test notes
  • Access to the online testing site
  • Upon successful course completion, certificate and patch

How much does your Professional Course cost? The answer can be found in our intro pack. We recommend to anyone considering our Professional Course that they get the Introduction to Gunsmithing Packet as this packet includes a video with a sample gunsmithing lesson. It also includes an Enrollment Form that lists the costs of each Course level available as well as the material covered in each level.

Do I have to pay $7 s/h on each retail video? No, we discount shipping on multiple video orders. The new website calculates shipping based on weight and destination. In most cases, the actual shipping is less than listed in the catalog.

Is there a time limit to complete your course? No, our course is self-paced. As you complete sections of the course and submit your tests, we provide certification of completion for that portion of the course.

Can I become certified by taking your retail courses? Answers vary. If you are intending to purchase all the videos in our Law Enforcement Armorer's Course, for example, as long as you buy the test separately you can obtain a Certification as a Law Enforcement Armorer once you complete the testing successfully. Otherwise you would need to purchase one of our certified professional courses in order to obtain a profession Gunsmithing certificate.

What does your Professional Gunsmithing Course Introductory Lesson cover?The Introductory Lesson is one hour and includes complete information on how to get started Gunsmithing. You will also learn how to insure reliable auto-pistol feeding and how to prevent jams, checking and adjusting "range" on Smith and Wesson revolvers, how a gas system works on a Colt AR-15, AR-7 trigger repairs, timing and understanding cartridge stops of a Remington 870 and much more! 

Are your Courses guaranteed? Yes! The American Gunsmithing Institute is proud to offer a 100%, "Bulletproof Guarantee." We are so sure of the quality of our Courses and products that you may return any item purchased directly from AGI for a full refund (less shipping) for up to 90 days after purchase date. Defective DVDs and videos will be replaced for up to 1 year. The only question we will ask is: "How did we fail you?"

Does AGI offer other Certified Courses aside from the Professional Gunsmithing Course? Yes. We also offer a Certified Machine Shop Course, complete with Lathe, Mill and general Machine Shop instruction. Additionally AGI offers a Certified Welding Course and a Certified Locksmithing Course.

What do the Disassembly/Reassembly Courses cover? AGI offers D/R Courses that clearly demonstrate the complete process of disassembly and reassembly step-by-step. The Courses use close-up views to provide comprehensive instruction. Each DVD Video Manual covers one specific model or family of firearms and is indexed to help the user quickly find the information that they are looking for. At the price of only $19.97 each (plus s/h), these video manuals are must have support information for anyone who owns one of these firearms.  

What do the Armorer's Courses cover?AGI's Armorer's Courses teach you how to disassemble, maintain, repair and reassemble your choice of the 51 guns featured. These videos are packed with exclusive information and are equal to a complete Factory Armorer's Course! While our Disassembly/Reassembly Courses contain invaluable information, our Armorer's Courses contain so much more. Master Gunsmith and AGI Instructor Robert "Bob" Dunlap explains design and function using exclusive factory cutaway firearm models, giving you close-up details of the internal functions you would not otherwise be able to see. All AGI Armorer's Course DVDs include a FREE printable schematic!    

Are your Instructors experienced in their fields? Absolutely. Master Gunsmith and AGI Senior Instructor Robert "Bob" Dunlap is a widely respected authority in the firearm industry and spent over 35 years as the senior instructor at Lassen College's internationally known Gunsmithing School. Master Gunsmith Gene Shuey is a world class custom gun builder, former world class competitive shooter and current trainer specializing in 1911 and Glock pistols, IPSC limited and open class guns, and high-end custom rifles. Darrell Holland is a well known custom rifle builder, writer and lecturer who is always inventing new performance shooting products. Ken Brooks is a graduate of the renowned Gunsmithing program at Lassen College and continues his journey by working full time for Bob Dunlap. Gene Kelly is the President of AGI and the Gun Club of America. He graduated from Lassen College's Gunsmithing program and worked as a Professional Gunsmith prior to founding AGI. T.R. Graham is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and is a known authority, author and Gunsmith specializing in Glocks and other handguns. Master Armorer John Bush is an AGI Instructor and a consultant to manufacturers and importers of military firearms, and is certified as an Expert Witness in firearm cases.