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Ultimate 1911 Big 3 Pack


In this bundle, you will receive all three of Master 1911 builder, Gene Shuey's classic series on modifying the 1911

  • Volume 1: Building a Custom 1911 From the Ground Up
    He will take you through the entire process, revealing all the tricks he has learned over the years along with some of the latest upgrades available for your pistol.

This course is unlike any other previously offered and contains information you will not find anywhere else. Save hundreds of dollars! Four hours on one DVD. Over two years of research and development. Everything is covered in complete detail!

Look what this covers!

  • Tightening the Slide
  • Lapping the Frame to the Slide
  • Installing a Drop-in Barrel
  • Installing a Gunsmith-fit Barrel and Bushing
  • Ramping the Barrel
  • Fitting the Link
  • Cutting the Barrel Feet
  • Showing the Jarvis Camlock System
  • Fitting and Tuning the Extractor
  • Installing a New Ejector
  • Replacing the Plunger Tube
  • Fitting an Extended Beaver Tail Safety
  • Installing an Extended Slide Stop and Thumb Safety
  • Installing a Tapered Mag Well
  • Fitting an Adjustable Trigger
  • Performing a Complete Trigger Job
  • Cutting the Hooks on the Hammer
  • Installing a Skeleton Hammer
  • Installing a Titanium Firing Pin
  • Stoning the Sear and Hammer
  • Tuning the Disconnector
  • Serrating the Back of the Slide
  • Installing and Tightening Stake-on Front Sights
  • Cutting the Dovetail for an Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Installing Tritium Sights
  • Installing an Extended Guide Rod
  • Contouring the Frame and Slide to Fit Your Hand
  • Installing an Extended Mag Release
  • Close-up views of hammer and sear never before seen on video, Overview of a myriad of custom options and accessories

How to use many specialized jigs and fixtures (for drilling, milling, trigger jobs, tightening slide, tightening Frame, fitting grip safety, installing stake on and dovetail sights, etc.)

A variety of hand, power tool and machining techniques, how to adjust trigger pull weight.
  • Volume 2: Build Your Own Ultimate 1911
Gunsmith, Gene Shuey takes you to the next level of custom 1911 building with this course on "Building the Race Ready Kit.

If you want to build a really hot 1911 style pistol with many custom features and want to save significant time and money, building a semi-custom 1911 from a kit makes a lot of sense. Many of the custom features that you would normally have to do yourself are already done for you by the manufacturer. All the costly machining operations are done, such as a high cut frame, checkered front strap, integral, flared, mag well and beavertail grip safety and a slide already milled for adjustable sights, to name a few.

This course will provide you with all the knowledge that you will need to turn a "Race Ready Kit" into a great carry gun or match winning pistol. While this course covers this subject in complete detail, it is the perfect next step for those of you who are serious about Pistolsmithing 1911 style pistols. Mr. Shuey demonstrates many different tools and fixtures not covered in Volume I of the Ultimate 1911.

This course covers in depth:

  • Fitting the slide to the frame
  • Fitting a bull barrel
  • Reaming chamber and head spacing
  • Professional trigger job with custom hammer and sear
  • Full-length tungsten guide rod with reverse plug balancing the springs for reliability and performance fitting
  • Barrel lock-up
  • Tuning the extractor
  • Tuning the ejector
  • Installing and adjusting a trigger

In addition, learn the professional's secrets of:

  • Getting an ultra-light & crisp trigger pull
  • Fitting the extractor
  • Making the pistol "jam proof"
  • Getting match accuracy with combat reliability
  • Using tools and fixtures like a pro
  • How to fit the pistol to your grip
  • Learn which options give you the most performance
  • Exotic and durable finishes
  • Volume 3: Build the Hi-Capacity Wide-Body Competition 1911
In the final installment of this series, Gene Shuey, teaches you how to build the ultimate custom high capacity (wide body) 1911 style pistol for carry or competition.

Detailed how-to video instruction includes:

  • Comparing and evaluating the high capacity pistol of today
  • How to select the best components & parts
  • How to fit an oversized slide for maximum accuracy & performance
  • How to install adjustable & fiber optic sights
  • Learn how to checker & serrate steel parts
  • Installing a "gunsmith fit" bull barrel
  • How to select the proper sized link
  • How to correctly install an ambidextrous safety
  • Machining a flat rib on top of a slide
  • How to do a professional "trigger job" on any 1911
  • How to do a 1.5 lb. trigger safely
  • How to ream & headspace a chamber
  • How to set up an extractor & ejector for flawless reliability
  • Learn what causes a pistol to jam on feeding & how to make it "jam proof"
  • Learn the importance of proper spring rate & how to select the right springs to do the job you need
  • How to contour the grip to fit your hand & minimize felt recoil
  • How to select & use the best tools & machine fixtures
  • Learn how to cut costs & time by selecting factory offered options
  • Where to purchase the latest "hi-tech" parts that the pros use
  • Selecting the best finish for your pistol
  • How to tune & troubleshoot hi-capacity magazines learning the many tips & techniques on tuning for absolute reliability

How much does your Professional Course cost? The answer can be found in our intro pack. We recommend to anyone considering our Professional Course that they get the Introduction to Gunsmithing Packet as this packet includes a video with a sample gunsmithing lesson. It also includes an Enrollment Form that lists the costs of each Course level available as well as the material covered in each level.

Do I have to pay $7 s/h on each retail video? No, we discount shipping on multiple video orders. The new website calculates shipping based on weight and destination. In most cases, the actual shipping is less than listed in the catalog.

Is there a time limit to complete your course? No, our course is self-paced. As you complete sections of the course and submit your tests, we provide certification of completion for that portion of the course.

Can I become certified by taking your retail courses? Answers vary. If you are intending to purchase all the videos in our Law Enforcement Armorer's Course, for example, as long as you buy the test separately you can obtain a Certification as a Law Enforcement Armorer once you complete the testing successfully. Otherwise you would need to purchase one of our certified professional courses in order to obtain a profession Gunsmithing certificate.

What does your Professional Gunsmithing Course Introductory Lesson cover?The Introductory Lesson is one hour and includes complete information on how to get started Gunsmithing. You will also learn how to insure reliable auto-pistol feeding and how to prevent jams, checking and adjusting "range" on Smith and Wesson revolvers, how a gas system works on a Colt AR-15, AR-7 trigger repairs, timing and understanding cartridge stops of a Remington 870 and much more! 

Are your Courses guaranteed? Yes! The American Gunsmithing Institute is proud to offer a 100%, "Bulletproof Guarantee." We are so sure of the quality of our Courses and products that you may return any item purchased directly from AGI for a full refund (less shipping) for up to 90 days after purchase date. Defective DVDs and videos will be replaced for up to 1 year. The only question we will ask is: "How did we fail you?"

Does AGI offer other Certified Courses aside from the Professional Gunsmithing Course? Yes. We also offer a Certified Machine Shop Course, complete with Lathe, Mill and general Machine Shop instruction. Additionally AGI offers a Certified Welding Course and a Certified Locksmithing Course.

What do the Disassembly/Reassembly Courses cover? AGI offers D/R Courses that clearly demonstrate the complete process of disassembly and reassembly step-by-step. The Courses use close-up views to provide comprehensive instruction. Each DVD Video Manual covers one specific model or family of firearms and is indexed to help the user quickly find the information that they are looking for. At the price of only $19.97 each (plus s/h), these video manuals are must have support information for anyone who owns one of these firearms.  

What do the Armorer's Courses cover?AGI's Armorer's Courses teach you how to disassemble, maintain, repair and reassemble your choice of the 51 guns featured. These videos are packed with exclusive information and are equal to a complete Factory Armorer's Course! While our Disassembly/Reassembly Courses contain invaluable information, our Armorer's Courses contain so much more. Master Gunsmith and AGI Instructor Robert "Bob" Dunlap explains design and function using exclusive factory cutaway firearm models, giving you close-up details of the internal functions you would not otherwise be able to see. All AGI Armorer's Course DVDs include a FREE printable schematic!    

Are your Instructors experienced in their fields? Absolutely. Master Gunsmith and AGI Senior Instructor Robert "Bob" Dunlap is a widely respected authority in the firearm industry and spent over 35 years as the senior instructor at Lassen College's internationally known Gunsmithing School. Master Gunsmith Gene Shuey is a world class custom gun builder, former world class competitive shooter and current trainer specializing in 1911 and Glock pistols, IPSC limited and open class guns, and high-end custom rifles. Darrell Holland is a well known custom rifle builder, writer and lecturer who is always inventing new performance shooting products. Ken Brooks is a graduate of the renowned Gunsmithing program at Lassen College and continues his journey by working full time for Bob Dunlap. Gene Kelly is the President of AGI and the Gun Club of America. He graduated from Lassen College's Gunsmithing program and worked as a Professional Gunsmith prior to founding AGI. T.R. Graham is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and is a known authority, author and Gunsmith specializing in Glocks and other handguns. Master Armorer John Bush is an AGI Instructor and a consultant to manufacturers and importers of military firearms, and is certified as an Expert Witness in firearm cases.