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Customers Love Our Instructors!

"I wanted to tell you how outstanding the professional course is. I kick myself that I didnt go ahead long ago and order it. When I sat down with the first DVD on the 1911, my mouth fell open as Bob Dunlap began explaining how the pistol works. No wasted words, nothing mushy, just packed with information - knowledge, that is, of how that gun works."James Paty (newbie, wannabe, someday will be)

"Mr. Landis" I find your DVDs to be EXCELLENT!"Pat Lyons

"It goes without saying I am extremely satisfied with the content, quality and information in this course as provided by Darrell Holland. If a fast track to a highly skilled machinist knowledge level is desired I highly recommend this course." Wally Cox of San Antonio, TX

 "I will start off by saying that I am very pleased with what I have seen so far in the AGI master gunsmithing training materials. After studying through your machine shop course, I find that Mr. Hollands training style and degree of details is exactly what I needed to help me thoroughly understand the use of each shop tool. I particularly like all the "tricks of the trades that he throws in.

AGIs training by using DVDs with the ability to study at my own pace, pause, rewind and review again, repeat any subject quickly, and to have all the information on hand for future review has completely sole me on your teaching methods. I cant wait to get into the pistol, rifle, shotgun and welding portions of the training." Charles Aycock (Future Gunsmith)

Great Courses, Customer Service and Quality!

"Ive been working on 1911s for a year now. I have to tell you I wish I would of bought the three volume series when I first started. Your videos make everything so clear, and take all the guess work and destruction of parts out of the build. I cant say enough about your products!" Larry Blair, via email

"I just wanted to thank you for helping a newbie out.  I am not an experienced gun person, I talked to one of my buddies who told me that Bob Dunlap was a known expert in firearms. As an instructor I can say that Mr. Dunlap is truly a Master Instructor, the dvd allows me to watch his courses over and over again.

I have purchased the armorers courses on the AR-15, S&W Revolvers.  I was so impressed that I purchased S&W Revolvers for the school I work at, as we start new shooters on revolvers and have a number of Mod. 10s.  I have also purchased for the school Ken Brooks excellent D&R dvds on Colt DA Revolvers, S&W Revolvers, and for my buddy the Glock Fanatic the Glock D&R.

I joined the GCA and found that I learn much from Gun Tech. I show the intro lesson on gunsmithing followed by Darrel Hollands machine shop. I have found your customer service to be excellent, always get me the answers I need.  I had left my DVD Best of Gun Tech in the car by accident and the heat had warped the disc. I called hoping that I could purchase another copy.  To my surprise they not only sent me a replacement copy, but the Professional Gun Cleaning Secrets DVD - No Charge. Your order processing is impressive.  It has not taken more that 2-days for my orders to arrive. Thank You AGI for the quality and professionalism of your Courses and Staff." Michael Taylor of Antioch, CA

"I was originally trained by 3 Master Gunsmiths and Firearms Designers and thought that my training was fairly complete. I was truly surprised by what I further learned through Robert Dunlap & teaching. His teaching methods are direct and fully explained. Everyone at AGI has been very helpful and courteous every time I have called. Its reassuring to know that people still care enough in customer service and the actions of their company to help out in any way possible." Daniel Myers

"I just got your Colt double-action repair DVD. It was just what I was looking for. Thanx again for your great company." Greg, via email

"I just wanted to say how useful your DVDs are. I used it to take down 2 Sigs and install the Sig SRT trigger sear/lever, It made things so easy. I liked it so much I bought 4 more for different brands of guns." Roy Peres, via email

 Our Courses are the Real Thing!

"I just wanted to thank you for making the AGI video series on the 1911 with master gun smith Gene Shuey. My first gun is a Fusion Firearms kit gun in 10mm. With your videos step by step, patience, few tools I completed my gun. It shoots accurate, safe, so far not a single jam or extraction problem. My next gun will be a commander for carry in the planning stage for now. I also sent a thank you to Gene Shuey." Bryan Croft, Granite Falls, Washington

"I just completed the introductory test which I feel I aced, and now Im working on my pistol course tests I know these tests are hard thank God I mechanically inclined, these are absolutely the best tests Ive ever come across that help you develop your mind to think about how every action has a reaction master gunsmith Bob Dunlap teaches you VERY well plus he makes me laugh with some of the small humor he puts in.

I have to give the AGI office staff a grade of A+ They offer great support plus and have answered every questions Ive had, plus with your easy financing you have made it possible for me to start my second career at the age of 46 this will be a GREAT retirement income if needed, but I feel I will take it to the limit." Victor Ghiselene

"I am not sure why I am so excited about getting some gunsmithing credentials, but I really am. I cant say enough good about the whole program, not to mention the great club videos you all do each month. You all collectively possess the worlds knowledge on gunsmithing in my opinion. Thanks for all you all do for us.

p.s. my dogs are always there at my feet when I am studying the videos and I fully expect them to sing the theme music one day soon." Bill Mercure of Mercure Enterprises

 AGI Courses are a Great Value!

"Notwithstanding it is quite a bargain! I cannot imagine how much it would cost me to have Mr. Holland personally instruct me on a per hour basis. Considering the hours of instructional video it boils down to something less than $8 per house. I dont think one could get roller skating lessons at a rink for $8/hour." Wally Cox of San Antonio, TX