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Hand loading for the Long Range Shooter

Hand loading for the Long Range Shooter

Product ID# 321DVD

New course reveals how to squeeze the maximum performance out of your hand loads.

For about the cost of a box of bullets you can learn to get every last bit of performance and accuracy out of your factory or custom rifle. Learn how to make hand loaded ammunition tailored specifically for long range shooting. You have heard the stories of unbelievable accuracy and shooting with "custom" ammunition. Perhaps you have even built your own favorite load. Now you can learn to surpass anything commercially available with this course from AGI, guaranteed.

Riflesmith and competitive shooter, Darrell Holland, offers over an hour of step-by-step instruction in the manufacture of superior ammunition. Standard caliber and wildcat cartridges are discussed and reasons for using them explained. Components such as bullets, powder, and primers are examined and selected based on the type of target and the distance where their performance will be best suited.

This is a ton of information that will enhance your capabilities.

Hand loading for the Long Range Shooter