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Building The Custom Glock - Volume 1

Building The Custom Glock - Volume 1

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Do you own a Glock?

There is no doubt that the Glock Pistol is a reliable workhorse for law-enforcement, military and personal protection. However, there are four areas of the Glock Pistol that anyone with just basic skills can improve:


  • Sights
  • Barrels - for accuracy and the ability to safely shoot lead bullet reloads
  • Grip Frame - better fit, grip, and reduced felt recoil
  • Trigger Pull


To get the most out your Glock you really need to know how to address each of these areas. Master Pistolsmith, Gene Shuey, has been working on Glock Pistols for many years, studying, experimenting, and testing different approaches to enhancing the gun. He creates what one would call functional art in firearms. His Glock Pistols are absolutely beautiful to look at, feel, and hold. They work flawlessly!

If you are not familiar with Mr. Shuey, he is well known for building extremely high-end custom 1911 pistols. Entire feature articles have been written about his work in gun magazines around the world and even in Japan where they have used his pistols as models to make exotic soft-air copies that sell for premium prices. About four years ago, Mr. Shuey, after receiving hundreds of requests, turned all of his creative focus onto Glocks pistols. Over the years, he has refined his process for converting Glocks into the finest concealed carry and competition pistols available anywhere. He is now willing to share with you everything he has learned from spending thousands of hours working on these guns.

Working with the AGI video production team, Mr. Shuey developed a simple step-by-step system that will enable you to customize your Glock the way you want it. Follow along as he shows you the numerous different sight options currently available and helps you make your choice. He selects an aftermarket drop-in barrel, installs it, and demonstrates how to test for proper fit and polish the chamber for reliable feeding. He shows you how to re-shape the grip frame to enhance your personal feel with a higher grip which reduces felt recoil. He also shows you how to increase the adhesion of the grip so that it will not slip when you need it during rapid firing or when your hands are sweaty, wet, or slippery.

Further, he teaches you how to greatly improve your trigger pull by installing a lighter trigger connector, springs, and smoothing and tuning the parts. You also learn how to select and install an approved recoil spring assembly to reduce felt recoil and improve reliability.

Gene covers how to tune the overall pistol to improve fit, feel, function and more! This course is over three hours in length and is equal to sitting down with Master Pistolsmith, Gene Shuey, at his bench for a week working side-by-side with him in his shop. 


Building The Custom Glock - Volume 1


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