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Here you will find comprehensive "How-To" videos on Disassembly/ Reassembly, Gunsmithing and Repair for your specific firearms.

AGI exists to provide firearms enthusiasts with the knowledge needed to keep their guns in safe and top-notch condition, maximizing their shooting experience and potential in a way that preserves the gunsmithing art and insures "that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Hear what our customers have to say:
"After having parts to an M1 Carbine all over the room due to removing the wrong pin, I had been hesitant to attempt disassembly of my guns. But now because of your videos I can take apart my M1, FAL & AR-15 and am ordering the 1911 Colt & M1 Garand courses. Your video courses are excellent, clear, and presented in a sequential fashion. The proof of quality is the reorders one gets."
Bruce R Von Elation, Hunter, NY.
"AGI's video on the H&K 94 took the mystery out of the inner workings of my rifle and gave me the confidence to take it apart without the fear of not being able to put it back together again."
Paul Traina, Irving ,TX.
"I knew nothing about semi-automatic rifles until I received your tape on the SKS. It easily explained the working of every part of my rifle."
Michael T. Dean, Ronkonkoma, NY.
"The worst thing that happens to a gun owner like myself, is taking your firearm apart for the first time and not being able to put it back together. The AGI videos have helped keep me from this frustration by being able to see the master gunsmith do it and go step by step (plus I can rewind it until I get it right). The M1 Garand, Carbine and FN-FAL scared me after I bought them, but after viewing the videos, AGI eliminated my fear and I got comfortable with them."
Dave Buday Dearborn, MI.
"For years I have had a difficult time reassembling my Ruger MK II. You know, getting that locking pin back up into the receiver. Your video helped me find a much easier way to do this, that written directions just could never do. The course on the HK 91 also helped me. Thank you."
Jerry D. Amstutz, Decatur, IN.
"As a handgun hobbyist with no gunsmithing knowledge, I was afraid to disassemble my Ruger MKII. I didn't think that I could reassemble it. With your videos I was not only able to disassemble and reassemble it, I was able to give it a through cleaning it sorely needed. And I was able to correct an extraction problem that had been plaguing my otherwise fine gun."
John King, Akron OH.
"AGI video courses are complete in detailed disassembly compared with other videos I've purchased. I have eleven AGI courses and plan to expand my video library"
Larry Jacobs Woken, IL.
"Your courses are excellent with concise instructions on how to break down and put together firearms. Bob Dunlap's tips on trouble shooting have saved me a great deal of time"
Richard T. Piasseczynski, Stoneham MA.
"I recently completed a "Matchbook Cover" mail order gunsmithing course. Their entire action bedding section can be summarized as "follow the instructions in the Brownell's action bedding kit". In contrast, your video course on Stock Bedding, took me step-by-step through the entire process with each step clearly demonstrated. My first attempt looked very professional. Thanks AGI."
Jack Herber, San Bernardino, CA.
"I purchased your video course on Parkerizing. Reading about something is useless to me; I really have to see it to understand it at all. The video showed everything I wanted to know; cleaning, temperature control, and what NOT to do, which no doubt saved me some grief. Complete and concise, very good all around."
Charles Proffitt, Wilmington NC.
"Your video on the Colt 1911 .45 Auto has helped me in more ways than I could ever put in writing. In other words your video pictures are worth 1,000's of words!"
Ronald T Vaellandcourt, August ME.
"I needed to refresh my memory on the 1911-A1 .45 Auto. Twenty-five years ago I was an Armorer in the U.S. Army. I wish I had your videos then. I learned more things on your video, in 2 hours about the .45, than in the Army's Armorer School."
Russell Aumann, Ruth MI.
"I am a hobby gunsmith, but have started working part-time at a gun shop doing minor repairs, mounting scopes, etc. The AGI video courses are extremely detailed but easily understood. The information and procedures contained in the videos have allowed me to accurately diagnose and repair the guns brought in for work."
Glenn Thielker, Hazelwood MO.

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Note: All Video /DVD products included on this website are intended for avocational, hobby and/or recreational purposes. For vocational, state approved, professional gunsmithing courses. - click here.

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